Chill Pills for Olympic Valley Incorporation

A cool front has blown into beautiful Olympic Valley. Lake Tahoe area resorts are opening for business much earlier than past years, thanks to early season storms and low temperatures. This is a relief to area business owners who had felt the pressure of past seasons effected by drought.
Not only is the climate dropping, but so is the recent political tension regarding incorporation of the area. Benjamin Spillman’s recent publication in the Reno-Gazette Journal , explained the deconstruction of the feud. You can read the Reno Gazette-Journal original article here.
Last month, proponents of the incorporation effort officially withdrew all plans to incorporate the area. This was in response to a decision that the plan was not financially viable for the community, made by California’s Local Agency Formation Commission.
While Fred Ilfield, organizer of the incorporation effort, looked to place blame with the opposition; Andy Wirth, Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, LLC President and CEO, is looking to leave this behind and unite residents. Spillman noted, “He [Wirth] wants the community to work on transition and other issues as a cohesive community that goes beyond Olympic Valley.”
Wirth has been thinking of expanding and improving the area for a long time. In 2013, his planning took him down to the nitty gritty of his own business, when he participated in CBS’s prime time show Undercover Boss. His experiences on the show, including perfecting the terrain and teaching snowboarding classes, certainly improved his view of consumer needs and employee satisfaction.
More recently, Wirth was appointed as chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. This position combines his business-minded work ethic with his excitement and vision for the community. His hopes are to bring new visitors and ideas to the community, which also brings more revenue.
Spillman’s final quote seems to summarize Wirth’s feelings for the community as a whole, “I just hope we all see this as a chance for healing.” An enjoyable winter season for resorts and tourists could be the chill pill needed to complete healing process for Olympic Valley.