Brazilian Banker Ricardo Guimarães Says Brazil’s Recession Is Just The Beginning Of A Global Crisis

Investors and hedge fund billionaire George Soros have been predicting a global financial crisis for the past two years. One of the reasons for that prediction is the state of Brazil’s economy, according to BMG Bank President Ricardo Guimarães. Economists from around the world say China is the main culprit because it is exporting deflation to other countries. China is using every trick in the capitalistic book and trillions of dollars to correct their sagging economy, but according to Ricardo Guimarães, a global crisis could become a reality in 2016.

A recent post by, tried to make sense of the Chinese debacle, by giving the president of China a chance to explain the Chinese economic position in 2016 and beyond. President Xi Jinping said China’s economy will grow by 6.8 percent in 2016, and it will continue to grow at that rate through 2020.

Ricardo Guimarães agrees with George Soros not the Chinese president when it comes to the economic growth of China over the next four or five years. Soros claims China’s growth is more like 3.5 percent, and the country will continue to grow at that rate or less through 2017. That’s not enough growth to support the Chinese attempt to transition to a consumer based economy unless the government pumps billions of dollars into the economy in 2016.

Guimarães is a banker by profession, but he is also a well versed economic expert as well as a passionate football fan and executive. Mr. Guimarães managed a football club for six years, and he is still very active in the nation’s football association.

Guimarães played a role in the 2014 World’s Cup, and he will play an active role in the 2016 Summer Olympics as an executive as well as a fan. But Ricardo’s presence will also be well represented by the BMG logo that players wear while they are on the field, according to an article posted by BMG Bank spends millions of reals sponsoring soccer players, according to the article, and the bank gets an enormous amount of business from those sponsorships.

BMG Bank was also mentioned in an post about the Guimarães link to the football world. That post talks about Guimarães and his executive role in the Atlético Mineiro Club as well as other clubs in the association. It seems BMG Bank has managed to sponsor players that play for the top-ranked clubs in the nation, and that means more profit for the bank in 2016.

BMG Bank promotes payroll loans on game days and fans are able to call or email BMG agents in their area to apply for a loan. Payroll loans are helping soccer fans get through the recession, and the escalating inflation, and BMG Bank is adding more soccer fans to its client base.

The Life and Success of Ricardo Guimarães and His Contribution to BMG

It takes hard work and dedication for one to accomplish his or her dreams. Some people are born in a business family while some find their way into business. But whatever the case maybe, one has to be focused and disciplined to handle the business whether a start-up or an already one. For example one is required to have the relevant qualification either in business or in management to take any role in an existing business. Businesses are in most cases established by a family and the same tries to own it through various successions with the same family.
Ricardo Guimarães was born in Pentagna Guimarães family that owned BMG which a company owned and managed privately. Although he first engaged in his management career, he later joined the company as its president and has in the last few years led to its success as being among the leading financial provider in Brazil. The company was founded as a financial firm in 1930 where it offered financial services to both companies and individuals.
As the years progressed, there was need to specialise in one financial service so as to beat competitors and to offer that service efficiently. It is for this reason that the company shifted its focus to financing motor vehicle buyers in 1980s and then to client and wholesale financing in 1990s. The financial lenders further specialised in offering payroll loans which it did too well that it became the best in this sector. The bank has closed several deals with other companies in the offering of payroll loans. Their loans have become popular in Brazil especially to the civil servants who only need to have their payslips for them to be provided with one.
Ricardo Guimarães who is the president of the company commenced his career with a company known as Grupo BMG way back in 1980 and has ever since been rising through various positions such as the financial manager in 1989 and later became the vice-president in 1996. His experience in financial industry started when he enrolled in Una-Faculdade Ciencias Gerenciais for a degree in business administration. This helped her in managing the bank that is now bench marked by banks within Brazil and outside.
He is a mentor to the young people in his field and also puts a challenge to his peers due to his diligence on how he manages the company. Apart from managing the bank, he also sits in various boards where he gives his expertise opinion on how to run the financial side of the business. He is also known for his philanthropic behaviour where he contributes to various community based activities through his generous donations.

George Soros Hits Headlines Once Again

A philanthropic economist has hit the headlines once again. George Soros of Budapest origin in Hungary has another prediction. He studied as a foreigner at London School of Economics and specifically in the field of philosophy. Soros became one of the wealthiest people in the world with a net worth of about twenty eight billion dollars. His career path started in the New York City in 1950s and later became an expert in investments. He acquired vast experience in matters economics and he became a prowess in investment decisions. He once made a remarkable bet with sterling pound when the UK economy was on recession. He held his pounds and when the pound was devalued he made a profit of more than one billion dollars. With his several predictions that ended correct, his words are not to be taken lightly by investors.

In 2008 he predicted the worst economic crisis to have ever been experienced. He analyzed the Debt-GDP ratio and warned investors over impending danger on investments. At that time the US economy was on the verge of collapsing and the effects spread to the rest of the world. The economist at that time called the scenario ‘house bubble’. The financial banks in the US lowered the lending rates to aid citizens in acquiring houses. The situation increased the money in circulation. This situation escalated and with time it became uncontrollable. The economic policy makers decided to devalue the US currency and being the largest economic hub in the world the economic downturn spread to other countries.

Later in the year 2011 George Soros predicted on The Street the European financial crisis. Europe had a lot of debt from Greece. It is with a reason that his current prediction made in economic forum in Sri-Lanka ought to be taken seriously by investors. This is depicted by the current economic situation facing China. It is similar to the one that happened in the US in 2008. The Chinese debt is very high as compared to its Gross Domestic Product. Its measure to mitigate this problem by devaluating its currency is spilling to the rest of the countries. Other markets such as stock and commodity markets are at a risk of losing value. This is brought by the shift from investment and manufacturing to consumption and services as a policy to curb China’s crisis.

Therefore investors should take caution while making investment decisions as George Soros said on Street Television. For more information on George Soros Street please visit

Marcio Alaor, BMG, clarifies why Australia’s economy is a special case to the worldwide emergency

Indeed, even in a time of incredible financial insecurity, in which a great part of the created nations are as yet attempting to recuperate after the 2008 emergency, Marcio Alaor, official of Banco BMG reports that Australia is a segregated case and that has been picking up consideration among specialists in financial aspects.

As of late, information was discharged of the financial exercises of the nation reporting that the economy developed by 2.5% in the second from last quarter of 2015, which demonstrates that Australia will close the year as the 25th back to back no retreat. The last time Gross domestic product (Total national output) in Australia shrank in the mid 90s, the world was experiencing another time of serious unpredictability, activated by the breakdown of certain universal trades a couple of years prior. Still, recollect Marcio Alaor, the nation could control swelling, manage loan costs and make from that point a financial framework that just becomes even with emergency and precariousness in the business sector.

One explanation behind this, reports Marcio Alaor BMG, is on account of Australia is a noteworthy exporter of things, which are extensive scale merchandise created and broadly exchanged the universal business sector, for example, horticultural items, for example, soybeans and wheat, and minerals wares, for example, iron and aluminum.Thus, from the 2000s, with the quick development of the Chinese economy, Australia has ended up one of the primary exporters of wares, which additionally served as an essential boost for the Australian economy, says BMG Alaor.

In any case, even with the economy log jam China and the universal emergency that hit the business sector in 2008, Australia emerged from the created nations and even those that are being developed, for example, Brazil, it could actualize measures to keep animating development from the nation. For some financial analysts, the Australian Mystery was to have wagered on monetary boost, in which little organizations are absolved from expense amid the most disturbed periods, furthermore interests in the development part, a critical portion for employment creation and, thus, for monetary improvement.

Marcio Alaor, Banco BMG, refers to for instance the way that the Australian Pastor of Account, Wayne Swan, have won wide universal acknowledgment byEuromoney magazine in 2011, by having actualized these measures and modification at the perfect time. The official of Banco BMG additionally refers to measurements from the nation amid the emergency period: in 2009, when a hefty portion of the nations felt the most tragic impacts of the subsidence, Australia developed by 1.4%. Additionally in the next years, the nation has kept up a yearly development at 2%, which demonstrates the amazing Australian monetary dependability. As an aftereffect of good financial execution of Australia, the official of Banco BMG, Marcio Alaor, reports the way that the nation has one of the world’s future, and also a fantastic Human Improvement File (HDI), two elements that add to build up Australia among the first world nations.

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My Dog Loves The Way Beneful Premium Food Tastes

Every morning when I wake up, the first thing I do after getting myself ready for the day is take my dog on a walk. I like to keep my schedule the same. My dog is used to it. She is always ready for breakfast when she hears my alarm clock. She may as well be drooling on my pillow next to me. I know why she’s excited when I see the Chopped Blends from Beneful. That food is packed with flavors and nutrients. The kind that I get for her is made with salmon, tomatoes and rice. I’m not surprised that she likes it so much. She likes most of the Beneful Chopped Blends flavors.

Dog Food News And Beneful

The news is out on quality dog foods on, and it makes me proud to be a responsible pet owner. I know that what I’m doing for my dog matters because I am providing real, high quality ingredients for my little dog. I found this article that confirms some of my beliefs about the dog foods I buy for my little girl. She loves the food that I buy, and no wonder because it has real ingredients, unlike the cheap foods. These premium dog foods end up spending a lot of money on the purchase of high grade ingredients that make the foods more nutritious for the dogs.

My little puppy likes Beneful Chopped Blends for her meals. I put some of Beneful Dry Dog Food in her food too. She likes the way it crunches. We have also tried Beneful’s dog treats with great success. I am not surprised that she liked the Baked Delights because they smell so good. I love that Beneful takes the time to list out their ingredients on their packaging. Beneful on should be proud to produce such high grade food for dogs. I feel like a good person and a good pet owner for buying this brand.

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Invest Confidently With US Money Reserve

The world of investing is vast. Many possible investment opportunities exist. An investor will want to know as much as possible about each possible investment that may be right for them. Many investors have found that investing in gold and other precious metals can be the perfect way to meet their fiscal goals. Investing in precious metals can help make sure that any person’s given investments are heavily diversified and right for them. The right kind of investments can help the investor accumulate a base that they can use to do things in life such as buying the ideal house or providing for a child’s college education.

Those who choose to work with US Money Reserve will find that they can work with staffers here to learn about how best to use investing in gold and silver coins to create such a portfolio. US Money Reserve is one of the nation’s leading coin authorities. As the Gold News Network reports, US Money Reserve experts know a great deal about the kind of ways that investing in this kind of investment can make sense for the needs of any investor. Their skilled staffers have pointed out to many of their customers that experts are predicting that prices for such metals are predicted to rise in the future. The savvy investor who wants to get in on the ground floor will have the opportunity to earn a potentially impressive rate of return on their investments should they decide to invest in the world of gold and silver coins.

It is also very probable that demand will exceed supply and those who own gold will be in a position to reap the benefits of their foresight in working closely with US Money Reserve. Superpowers such as China and Russia are poised to make great inroads in the supply of such metals. Working closely with staffers here can also help people realize that they need to invest in this form of investment in order to be part of this potential reward. Those who are able to take advantage of this kind of understanding of the world of gold are those who are likely to see enormous fiscal growth in the future.

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The Success of U.S Money Reserve Company in the Precious Metal Dealings

The United States Money Reserve Company was established by gold market traders who had realized the need to offer advanced customer service, and ethical aspect while dealing with valuable metals. U.S Money Reserve serves as the best Company having the most flexible distributions channel.
The U.S Money Reserve Company deal with precious metals such as Platinum coins, Silver, and Gold coins. The Company offers quality services to a large number of clients who trusts the Company operations and undertakings. The Company serves customers who recognize the significance of possessing precious metals in the current market situation.
A large number of clients instill their trust into the U.S Money Reserve Company. The Company helps clients in selecting the coins that render the highest value in the capital market. Wise purchases made by customers through the aid of this Company gives the clients potential returns.
The U.S Money Reserve Company have qualified, dedicated, and committed team who works hard towards meeting the customer demands and specification. The Company has a friendly and a well-trained team of more than one hundred years of combined experience.
According to the gold news network report, U.S Money Reserve is also recognized as The United States Gold and Silver Reserve Company. The Company has experienced professionals that positions in a better place to survive stiff competition in the capital market.

The U.S Money Reserve Company ensures that the client can work closely with account executives. The Company offers customers with a complete refunding of money if the clients are not satisfied with the service offered to them.

The company agrees the return of certified coins within one month after the purchase is done. U.S Money Reserve metal veterans’ makes a full refund of the clients’ money provided the returned coin is on its initial condition and well kept. The return of certified coins after one month attracts a twenty percent restocking fee fine charged to the client. However, there is no guarantee of money refunding on purchases made on billions.

U.S Money Reserve Company primarily focuses on the satisfaction of their customers. Visit the company today and enjoy purchases of precious metal at an affordable price.

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One Man’s Continuing Success

Sam Tabar is not only an attorney, but is also a New York City-based capitalist who is excellent at creating strategies to fit each individual. Sam Tabar’s education is what has turned him into an expert in business law. In 2000, Sam Tabar had received his Bachelor’s of Arts with the prestigious award of honors from Oxford University. After graduating from Oxford University, shows that Mr. Tabar joined several endeavors such as Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP. At these particular companies, Mr. Tabar acted as an associate to the company. By 2004, Mr. Tabar had gained the prestigious role of being the Managing Director as well as the Co-Head of Business Development. This particular role was held at SPARX Group Co.

By 2010, after working hard in his position, Mr. Tabar joined Bank of America Merrill Lynch. During his time with this company, he became the Director and Head of Capital Strategy for the region of the company within the Asia-Pacific. After 2010, Mr. Tabar climbed the ladder fast to become Director of Adanac LLC BVI in 2012. One year later, MR. Tabar joined Schulte Roth and Zabel LLP. When joining this company, he took the role as the Senior Associate.

What has kick started Mr. Tabar’s career to become so successful is the fact that he is an expert in hedge funds as well as giving advice on the best ways to invest. One of the biggest investments that he has made is with a company called THINK which is a startup company that supports women’s rights in the United States as well as in all parts of Africa.  He also started a GoFundMe campaign for children in Africa.

2013 was the bench-mark to which Mr. Tabar reentered the world of law. At Schulte Roth and Zabel LLP, Mr. Tabar provided council to the clients on fund information, structure, investment management agreements, private placement memoranda, side letters, employment issues, and many more legal issues. Sam Tabar’s role as the Senior Associate enables him to utilize his many language skills. He is able to utilize his native tongue in English, French as well as his fluency in Japanese.

Over the years, Mr. Tabar has provided advice to multiple different firms and companies. His advice has demonstrated his expertise in investment as well as the world of the hedge funds. Mr. Tabar will continue to climb the ladder of success especially due to the fact that he left his job as Senior Associate in 2014.


Personification is one the most difficult industries to thrive in.It is an industry that requires one to work hard and work long hours and be brilliant. It is an industry that has many competitors and fans seeking only the best. It is an unforgiving industry where you must ship up or ship out.
Sergio Cortes is a winner who has made it big in this industry. He is a Brazilian based Michael Jackson impersonator whose videos on YouTube have grossed over 1 billion views. Sergio Cortes performs in sold out shows across the Latin American block and is a well-known entertainer. Sergio has cut out a niche has the guy who gives a Michael Jackson experience that is most accurate and entertaining. It is his passion and being a Spaniard, doesn’t stop following his passion.
Sergio Jackson has he is known been a double for 28 years. The 44-year-old trains 4 hours daily every week. It is a training schedule that has predictably created a perfectionist. It combined with his entrepreneur skills has established a brand that outsells the competition in every market. Currently, he is on a world tour and recently broke a concert record in Madrid.
Sergio Cortes was born in Barcelona Spain. The Spanish Heartthrob was brought up in the city of Madrid in a large and loving family. It was this environment that bore him a great love for Michael Jackson. One cold winter morning, as the Jackson 5 were winding their tour of Europe, his brother brought him a copy of Jacksons tape. It was a eureka moment and Michael had him from that day.
At the age of 16, a journalist by chance discovered him on the streets of Madrid. Sergio had by then grown out his hair and started dressing like Michael. It was a job to act has a double to fool the press during Michael’s tour of Europe. It was a ruse that worked out so well that he was immediately a celebrity himself. The king himself was impressed and rewarded him with a meeting. As they say, the rest was history.
Sergio Cortes currently lives in Brazil. He is a well-known local celebrity in the capital and has achieved a reputation for his reclusive nature. He is a known dog lover and owns a Yorkshire named Zappy.

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Chill Pills for Olympic Valley Incorporation

A cool front has blown into beautiful Olympic Valley. Lake Tahoe area resorts are opening for business much earlier than past years, thanks to early season storms and low temperatures. This is a relief to area business owners who had felt the pressure of past seasons effected by drought.
Not only is the climate dropping, but so is the recent political tension regarding incorporation of the area. Benjamin Spillman’s recent publication in the Reno-Gazette Journal , explained the deconstruction of the feud. You can read the Reno Gazette-Journal original article here.
Last month, proponents of the incorporation effort officially withdrew all plans to incorporate the area. This was in response to a decision that the plan was not financially viable for the community, made by California’s Local Agency Formation Commission.
While Fred Ilfield, organizer of the incorporation effort, looked to place blame with the opposition; Andy Wirth, Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, LLC President and CEO, is looking to leave this behind and unite residents. Spillman noted, “He [Wirth] wants the community to work on transition and other issues as a cohesive community that goes beyond Olympic Valley.”
Wirth has been thinking of expanding and improving the area for a long time. In 2013, his planning took him down to the nitty gritty of his own business, when he participated in CBS’s prime time show Undercover Boss. His experiences on the show, including perfecting the terrain and teaching snowboarding classes, certainly improved his view of consumer needs and employee satisfaction.
More recently, Wirth was appointed as chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. This position combines his business-minded work ethic with his excitement and vision for the community. His hopes are to bring new visitors and ideas to the community, which also brings more revenue.
Spillman’s final quote seems to summarize Wirth’s feelings for the community as a whole, “I just hope we all see this as a chance for healing.” An enjoyable winter season for resorts and tourists could be the chill pill needed to complete healing process for Olympic Valley.