From Scholar, to Athlete, to Pilot, to Philanthropist

The indications are that Jon Urbana is a true Renaissance man. Interestingly enough, Jon Urbana has led a very successful life. The Denver native is a very successful entrepreneur and a former lacrosse player. This successful entrepreneur has taken the talents and skills displayed on the lacrosse field to the corporate boardroom too. What are those skills? Well, they consist of drive, determination, ambition, confidence, honesty, a very strong work ethic to solve problems. His drive and work ethic lead him to head Ellipse Technologies. Let’s take a look at Jon Urbana’s accomplishments in various fields.

Jon Urbana Photography
Jon Urbana has always held a strong interest in imagery and photography. The entrepreneur has taken his love for imagery to the Internet. He displays his talent through brilliant visual imagery on his blog and other places throughout the Internet. His photography skills are brilliantly featured on Instagram with links to other examples of his talented photography work on Pinterest and Flickr, as well as his most shared piece on Imgur, Earth Temple.

Aviation Skills
Surprisingly, few are aware that Jon Urbana is a licensed pilot. Acquiring a pilot’s license is very difficult. The FAA recently established new guidelines for the license. The guidelines were to make the skyies safer for the passengers. The guidelines included increased pilot airtime training along with increased specialized training. Jon Urbana has met and exceeded those standards in his positive quest to accomplish many goals in his journey through life.
Jon Urbana is a very skilled musician too, and can be followed on Twitter at @jonurbana1. The entrepreneur was actually a late music bloomer. The former lacrosse player has exceptional talent and a great love for electronic music. You might find him in his own studio mixing music tapes and sampling music until very late in the night. The skilled musician has added many of his original mixes to Soundcloud. His ultimate vision is to share his musical talent with the world.The fact is that Jon Urbana’s presentations are the perfect example of a true Renaissance man. He can do it all. He is a great athlete, photographer, pilot, and music genius. Jon Urbana is definitely a man that is on the way up the ladder to success.