Doctor Sergio Cortes Advice On People With Back Pain Challenge

Doctor Cortes is one of the most experienced doctors in Brazil. Cortes has been in the health industry for more than 25 years. He is also a professional in surgery operations. Doctor Sergio holds a degree in Hip Surgeon. Sergio has encountered a lot of achievements in his field.
Cortes serves as the Secretary health of Brazil country. Doctor Cortes has also established more health centers and dispensaries across Rio de Janeiro and other towns. Doctor Cortes heads the management of health industry that generates revenues in the Brazilian economy. Cortes invests created money in the caring system to ensure that the high percentage of Brazilian citizens has an insurance cover.
Doctor Cortes care on the Brazilian citizens has led him to receive recognitions and awards by the World Health Organizations. Recently, Sergio has released a report on important exercises and physical activities to undertake so as to relieve back pain.
The doctor advocated for activities such as swimming, Pilates, yoga, and cycling.He stated that these practices help the body to attain a good body posture. As per his report, staying in one body position for a long time can cause back pain and a bad body posture.
Cortes advised that Pilates acts as one of the best-used exercises to attain a proper body position. As per the doctor, Pilates tend to be flexible, and modification can be done to relieve a person from back pain. Dr. Sergio takes Pilates as the best exercise to help in body alignment.
The doctor also advised that Pilates help to strengthen muscles and the spine. He advised that this exercise should be done weekly to make it more appealing.
Cortes also urged people with back pains to use yoga exercises to get relieved. Yoga practice mainly comprises a series of stretching activities. It helps to relieve back pain and to deal with stress. Cortes instructs that yoga exercises can be done at home, at the gym and the yoga centers.
For those who apply yoga at home, there should be a professional instructor or a specialist to guide you through the task.
Doctor Cortes also emphasized the importance of swimming. Swimming exercises help people with chronic back ailments. Cortes implied that swimming contributes to strengthening sessions of the upper body.
Cortes added that swimming helps improve body posture and in pain relief.

Source: Sergio Cortes Official Website

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