BMG headed To Top Ten Banks Globally

The BMG bank was founded by the Guimarães family over the last eight decades ago. Through the years it has an outstanding performance in regards to the financial market. The main roles played by the bank include; offering financial assistance to its clients who include company and individuals. The company uses products such as the payrolls credit cards popularly known as the BMG Empressas, they also use used vehicles for finance and home equity loans better known as the BMG Realiza. Banco Itaú BMG Consignado S.A. Plays the role of maintaining the loan segment of BMG actually, it owns 40% of voting stock as well as the capital stock.
The bank has been able to withstand the tough financial years experienced in Brazil because it has a perfect sales strength in addition to exclusive excellence in brand creation, flexibility, high technology and the capability of anticipating major movements expected in the Brazilian financial market.
The bank boasts of highly experienced management team that is also very professional in handling business. The decision by the bank to voluntarily implement good governance practices that requires them to rely on the board of directors has helped them steer high into the sky of success. 40% of the members of the board of directors are independent therefore enhancing good decision making skills.
Generally, BMG is well known for its high quality portfolios in terms of offering credit. This has been successful because of their credit policy which is conservative in nature. Subsequently, all decisions that concern credits are usually well discussed by the credit committee before being given a go ahead. the committee is well well-thought-out and is qualified to meet the tasks of the bank that needs them to be highly intelligent, responsible as well as very efficient in its operations.
During the incorporation of the BMG bank that saw BMG and Itau have a joint venture, the vice president , Márcio Alaor de Araújo not only termed the venture as a successful one having taken three days to negotiate; but saw it as a way of steering BMG to the top ten list of global banks.
Alaor views the venture as one that will ensure more and more clients flock to BMG. As the Vice President, one can only give a hat of accomplishments having lead a team of abled bankers who use the creativity to ensure that BMG stays at the top.