Lime Crime’s Doe Deere is Creating Bold Makeup

I manage a small theater group in Columbus, Ohio. It’s often difficult to find great shades of lipstick and eyeshadows for our dazzling number. I have used all the major name brands, and find that the color base is a little bit lackluster when compared with our needs. During our latest production of Cinderella, I wanted a bright blue that had glittery hues in it to accommodate our gorgeous actress. After an internet search, I did find several pallet choices that would work well. What I was surprised about was the price attached to each of these items. I love makeup, but our budget doesn’t allow for $30 for an eyeshadow. Perplexed, I reached out to our team for suggestions.

After hearing all of their choices, I was surprised to hear the word Lime Crime come up a couple times. I had never heard of such a company, and was intrigued by the bold statements that my staff said their products made. I went to the web and did some research and sure enough, Doe Deere had just what I was looking for. Her product line was over the top, theatrical, and just what I needed. What I loved even more than that was the prices of her items. I didn’t have to break the bank to get the things our theater group needed. Lime Crime is not for the average person, it’s for those who want to express themselves. She markets to the younger crowd, and I can definitely see why.

If you like glitter, rainbows and hues of purple, then you will love Lime Crime. Deere is an eccentric character herself, which is why so many people fall in love with her instantly. She’s not caught up in the Hollywood world; she tends to be rather more down to earth. She markets herself as “Queen of the Unicorns,” but don’t let that intimidate you. Her purple hair and killer smile are just covering a small child within. She’s from Russia and came to this country as a mail order bride. She and her husband work together alongside in this business. She’s not a mother, to a human per say, but she considers her three cats her family. She gives everything she has 110% to her company.

According to, this is not Deere’s first round in a business venture; however, this is the one that seems to be bringing her the best outcome for success. She’s fallen several times in the business world, but she picks herself up and dusts herself off. She doesn’t play by the traditional business rules, if you think about big puffy clouds and lipsticks as tall as a man for office furniture is acceptable, then you would be right at home at her office. She’s wild, different and altogether fun loving. Her products speak to her and are made from color pallets that she personally approves. It’s no wonder the teens love her products, for our theater group they are just perfect.

If you need a makeup that makes a bold statement and is clearly different, check out Lime Crime. It did wonders for our little theater group and our needs.