A Tradition in Leather Shoes

Men’s fashion has changed as drastically as women’s has, even in the shoe department. During the reign of King Louie VIII only men of high class and royalty where able to afford leather shoes as they where not in massive production yet. Once they became more accessible to all classes of wealth men began wearing high heels and adorning their shoes with bright buckles to show off their wealthiness. Gradually the heel got lower and the buckles disappeared all together as the century went on. Eventually men’s fashion grew less ornate and more simple and sleek, most men work lace up boots for every day attire and owned a pair of slick, flat shoes for dressier occasions.

Today it is relatively the same, men wear sneakers or a simple boot during colder weather and reserve the good shoes for special occasions. Though some men wear suits to work everyday and use their good shoes for everyday wear, which can run through a cheap pair of leather shoes quickly. Fine, quality leather has been used for years to make shoes and every man needs to own at least one pair of good leather shoes. For work, for play or for pleasure a comfortable fit with a sleek style can boost your look and your confidence.

There are a few major differences in a shoe made of quality leather and one made of less than ideal material. Firstly, color in good leather stays permanently and can be buffed if scratches appear. In cheap leather the color fades with time and can become splotchy. Second, the way leather molds to your foot to provide optimal comfort is vastly different when less than quality leather is used. It can become stiff, tear easily and wear down faster than good leather. Third, good leather can be seen from a mile away, and if you’re going to spend money on a nice pair of shoes you might as well buy quality leather.

Paul Evans can provide quality Italian leather shoes at a fraction of the usual cost you see in department stores. Run by two men who have a passion for fine leather, they branched out on their own and traveled to Italy to see the entire process of leather shoe making. There they developed business relationships with six Italian families who have been honing the leather shoe making skill for generations. Without a middle man, Paul Evans is able to reduce the cost of the shoe without sacrificing quality. Each shoe is crafted to perfection with fine Italian leather made by true Italian craftsmen. A staple in any men’s wardrobe, the leather shoe is a must and Paul Evan’s has every style to fit every man.