Marcio Alaor and His Role Towards BMG Success

BMG bank is a Brazilian financial entity founded in 1930 by the Pentagna Guimaraes family. This particular family had operated in Brazilian for sometimes before they made an entry into the financial sector through Banco de Credito which was later on renamed Banco de Minas.

BMG bank is popular with its insatiable appetite for credit business and this can be seen when the company provides services for both individuals and corporates through products such as BMG Realiza which is a home loan financing scheme. The company has also developed the BMG Empresas that provides financing to corporate bigwigs. There is vehicle finance for both new and used vehicles, and finally they have rolled out the payroll credit card.

Throughout the company’s history, BMG has been outstanding in Brazils finance industry a fact arising from their sales strength and internal operations flexibility. BMG boasts of a very lean and efficient workforce whom has adopted high level corporate governance programs.

Part of the success of the company arises from its conservative policy of working with high quality credit portfolios. Courtesy of the company’s hierarchical operational structure, credit decisions are discussed collectively through an in-house developed credit committee who provide intelligent, efficient, and responsible way of thinking.

BMG growth has also been accelerated by series of acquisitions and joint ventures with leading financial players. Just recently in 2012 the bank merged with Itau Unibanco to come up with Banco Itau BMG Consignado. Under the deal BMG is holding 30% while Itau Banco is holding the remaining 70% of the voting capital. In 2015 BMG bank also announced another unification agreement with the same Itau Unibanco S.A.

The company has been outstanding a situation that can be attributed to the human capital who are considered by the bank as its primary assets. One of the key individuals inspiring BMG workforce is Mr. Marcio Alaor. Mr. Alaor is the current BMG’s vice president with over two decades of banking experience.

Other key competitive advantages areas include entrepreneurial and pioneering culture. BMG was the pioneer in providing payroll loans to civil servants, retirees and pensioners. Alongside they even managed to launch several products such as the payroll credit card. This card was made possible when BMG deployed robust technology that has transpired as industry benchmark.

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