James Dondero Thrives In The High-Yield, High-Risk World

Corporate and Financial Executive James David Dondero has established a remarkable career by conquering the world of high-risk, high-yield investing. The Dallas, Texas-based entrepreneur currently serves as President of Highland Capital Management, the Global Credit Management company he co-founded in 1993. As the company’s leader Dondero presides over roughly $21 billion worth of assets.

Dondero’s thirty years in the investment business has been defined by thriving in high pressure situations and being involved with very large numbers. After graduating from the University of Virginia with dual degrees in Accounting and Finance, Dondero started his ascension in 1985 with American Express. In that year he was appointed to the position of Corporate Bond Analyst and Portfolio Manager. During a four-year stint with the company, Dondero was charged with the oversight of $1 billion worth of assets.

Dondero, a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) assumed the title of Chief Investment Officer (CIO) upon his 1989 move to the life insurance and private investment corporation known as Protective Life. During this particular four-year assignment, Dondero managed $2 billion in assets. In 1993, Highland Capital was created. One of Dondero’s most noteworthy achievements while at Highland was his being at the forefront of establishing the Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO). The CLO, also known as a Leveraged Bank Loan, is a type of lending practice in which a financial institution sells typically large, high-risk loans with the promise of high interest rate returns to individual investors. In most cases, the borrowers are companies that borrowed funds against their businesses to establish themselves. Assuming the borrowers fulfill their obligations, investors often yield high returns. Such a practice ensures banks assume less risk when assigning large business loans.

Dondero’s ingenuity and management style garnered he and his firm numerous noteworthy recognitions in 2014, including Morningstar’s 5-star Designation for Global Allocation, the Lipper Award for Floating Rate Opportunities, as well as being named Morningstar’s Number One Ranked Long/Short Equity Fund.

Aside from Dondero’s duties at Highland, he also serves as the Chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare and CCS Medical, a medical supply company and Nexbank, a financial services provider serving institutional clients, middle-sized companies and small businesses. In addition, Dondero sits on the Board of Directors at American Banknote, a company which engraves stock and bond notes and MGM Studios. Dondero is also affiliated with the TerreStar Corporation, a mobile communications provider; Neighbor Safe, Inc.; Safety-Kleen, a company offering environmental products and services and Leap Wireless International, Inc. Dondero is also a noted philanthropist, having donated large sums of money to causes like education and veterans affairs.

Marcio Alaor Responsible for BMC in Brazil Growth and Success

When you think about all of the different options out there when it comes to your financial institutions, you have to think about where you are putting your money. You need to remember that there are a lot of flashy commercials, great limited time offers, and tons of celebrities who endorse products. At the end of the day, however, you truly do need to look past the marketing gimmicks and see what the organization represents for itself.

For all of the small startups, the hardworking graduates, the children who are just opening their first account, or the folks who have long since retired, they all have different needs. The fact of the matter is no small bank will ever be able to compete when they have to pull themselves in so many directions. Of course those small town banks have service and compassion and will do as much as they can to try and keep the business of their loyal clients, but you also have to remember that they are a service. At the end of the day if they aren’t able to give you what you need and they are taking a cut of your money in the process, then perhaps they aren’t the ideal place for you to be storing your wealth in the first place.

What you need to do is look to a place like BMG of Brazil to find the best chance for financial success in the long run. It doesn’t matter the type of account, investment, or long term goal you have, so long as you do have goals and aspirations. BMG of Brazil is one of the top choices around for banking and financial planning simply because of the work of Marcio Alaor and his staff. Marcio Alaor has continued to build a top overall plan that has not only grown the organization overall, it has continued to allow more and more individuals to grow their wealth with the help and partnering of BMG of Brazil.

When it comes down to it, you need to be the one who will truly decide where your money, wealth, and your future goes. You have to be able to trust the organization with your future because that is exactly what you are doing by entrusting your money to them. One thing is for sure however, and that is if you truly are looking for an organization that has the resources of a big firm but is based on the small town service feel, look to Marcio Alaor and BMG of Brazil.

Health Care Administration: The Nobilis Way

Overview of Healthcare

As hospitals and healthcare facilities try to cut down their expenses, healthcare administration is gaining in popularity. It is estimated that hospitals in the developed countries spend more than 20 percent of their costs on administering the facility. Similarly, a recent survey by US Healthcare Administration indicates that hospitals hiring prominent third-party healthcare company saved 20 to 35 percent of their expenses compared to healthcare facilities that did not contract a healthcare development firm. In addition, the cost reduction does not take into account quality service issues.

Benefits of Healthcare Administration

Since 1990s, when US Senate started the debate on offering additional healthcare benefits to the citizen, the cost of administration increased significantly as hospitals needed to budget their capital, accordingly. In fact, most public and private hospitals in the developed world hire third-party contractors to run day-to-day affairs of the facility. Healthcare administration is not restricted to hospitals, only. It includes every type of major healthcare network, surgical centers, outpatient clinics and medical schools.

These days, hospitals and healthcare facilities are run like Fortune 500 corporations, which helps healthcare managers save costs and increase the quality of customer service. In fact, many venture capital firms, banks and financial institutions do not consider an application for funding if the healthcare applicant does not contract a well-known healthcare administration firm. Actually, it will not be an overstatement to suggest that investors in healthcare want to know the feasibility of investing in the healthcare market. Accordingly, it is common for large healthcare firms to publish quarterly financial statements of their activities. To increase social acceptance, many hospitals are also relegating their duties to healthcare management firms who run the corporate social responsibility program of the hospital. In essence, healthcare administration firms are undertaking diverse duties such as marketing and advertising.

Nobilis Health – Case Study

A good example of healthcare administration firm is Texas based, Nobilis Health Corporation. Listed on the New York Stock Exchange, the firm operates more than 100 surgical centers in Texas. Recognized as an industry leader, Nobilis Health Corporation develops its own healthcare programs by owning medical facilities. The unique operational setup allows the management to provide quality health services at affordable price. As a result, the quality of patient service is far greater than comparable setups.

In partnership with some of the best surgeons in United States, Nobilis Health operates outpatient surgical units, mainly in Dallas and Houston. They offer three core businesses including specialized surgical units, integrated marketing services, and management services.

Offering a diverse management service, marketing leverages the use of both print media and online channels. The objective of marketing team is educating consumers and patients. Education consists of specific disease state, condition awareness, symptom recognition, availability of treatment options, practical options for patients and promotion of dialogue between surgeons and communities. Similarly, management and operations services help identify and enhance operational effectiveness. As such, management services include financing, licensing, management, operations, bench-marking, strategic planning and legal services.

Ricardo Guimaraes BMG

The Brazilian bank known as BMG is a leading financial institution throughout Latin America. It is led by CEO Ricardo Guimaraes who has helped make this bank among the best in Brazil. Under the leadership of Ricardo Guimaraes, BMG Bank has set itself apart by providing a wide range of services to individuals. These services are able to help people more easily manage their money as well as help grow it to finance their retirement. With the number of services available, BMG is able to help individuals throughout Brazil get the most out of money management.

When individuals look to bank with BMG one of the most common services they seek is making deposits. Since individuals are looking for a safe and secure place to store their money, BMG offers them the opportunity to put thief funds in a number of accounts. Individuals who are looking to deposit their money can put it into checking and savings accounts. With checking accounts they will have the ability to use funds to pay for expenses and purchases. Using the savings accounts allows individuals to save their money for other uses when the time comes.

Another common service to individuals offered by BMG Bank is credit cards. With credit cards, individuals will get short term loans in the form of a credit line. With this credit line they can purchase items and pay for unexpected emergency expenses. Using credit cards makes things very convenient for customers as they can have money available to finance any short term needs that may come up. The credit cards can also be used to help individuals build and establish credit which can help them save money in the long run.

Customers who bank with BMG will benefit by using investment services. There are a number of individuals who seek to increase their savings and finance long term financial objectives such as retirement and education. Customers at BMG can use investment services to put their funds in securities that either increase in value or provide income. They will also get advisement on how to manage their funds as well as what to invest in so that they get the most out of this particular service offered by BMG Bank. Investment services along with all of the other services previously mentioned are very beneficial and will therefore help individuals meet all of their short term and long term financial needs.

Lime Crime’s Doe Deere is Creating Bold Makeup

I manage a small theater group in Columbus, Ohio. It’s often difficult to find great shades of lipstick and eyeshadows for our dazzling number. I have used all the major name brands, and find that the color base is a little bit lackluster when compared with our needs. During our latest production of Cinderella, I wanted a bright blue that had glittery hues in it to accommodate our gorgeous actress. After an internet search, I did find several pallet choices that would work well. What I was surprised about was the price attached to each of these items. I love makeup, but our budget doesn’t allow for $30 for an eyeshadow. Perplexed, I reached out to our team for suggestions.

After hearing all of their choices, I was surprised to hear the word Lime Crime come up a couple times. I had never heard of such a company, and was intrigued by the bold statements that my staff said their products made. I went to the web and did some research and sure enough, Doe Deere had just what I was looking for. Her product line was over the top, theatrical, and just what I needed. What I loved even more than that was the prices of her items. I didn’t have to break the bank to get the things our theater group needed. Lime Crime is not for the average person, it’s for those who want to express themselves. She markets to the younger crowd, and I can definitely see why.

If you like glitter, rainbows and hues of purple, then you will love Lime Crime. Deere is an eccentric character herself, which is why so many people fall in love with her instantly. She’s not caught up in the Hollywood world; she tends to be rather more down to earth. She markets herself as “Queen of the Unicorns,” but don’t let that intimidate you. Her purple hair and killer smile are just covering a small child within. She’s from Russia and came to this country as a mail order bride. She and her husband work together alongside in this business. She’s not a mother, to a human per say, but she considers her three cats her family. She gives everything she has 110% to her company.

According to storyexchange.com, this is not Deere’s first round in a business venture; however, this is the one that seems to be bringing her the best outcome for success. She’s fallen several times in the business world, but she picks herself up and dusts herself off. She doesn’t play by the traditional business rules, if you think about big puffy clouds and lipsticks as tall as a man for office furniture is acceptable, then you would be right at home at her office. She’s wild, different and altogether fun loving. Her products speak to her and are made from color pallets that she personally approves. It’s no wonder the teens love her products, for our theater group they are just perfect.

If you need a makeup that makes a bold statement and is clearly different, check out Lime Crime. It did wonders for our little theater group and our needs.

A Tradition in Leather Shoes

Men’s fashion has changed as drastically as women’s has, even in the shoe department. During the reign of King Louie VIII only men of high class and royalty where able to afford leather shoes as they where not in massive production yet. Once they became more accessible to all classes of wealth men began wearing high heels and adorning their shoes with bright buckles to show off their wealthiness. Gradually the heel got lower and the buckles disappeared all together as the century went on. Eventually men’s fashion grew less ornate and more simple and sleek, most men work lace up boots for every day attire and owned a pair of slick, flat shoes for dressier occasions.

Today it is relatively the same, men wear sneakers or a simple boot during colder weather and reserve the good shoes for special occasions. Though some men wear suits to work everyday and use their good shoes for everyday wear, which can run through a cheap pair of leather shoes quickly. Fine, quality leather has been used for years to make shoes and every man needs to own at least one pair of good leather shoes. For work, for play or for pleasure a comfortable fit with a sleek style can boost your look and your confidence.

There are a few major differences in a shoe made of quality leather and one made of less than ideal material. Firstly, color in good leather stays permanently and can be buffed if scratches appear. In cheap leather the color fades with time and can become splotchy. Second, the way leather molds to your foot to provide optimal comfort is vastly different when less than quality leather is used. It can become stiff, tear easily and wear down faster than good leather. Third, good leather can be seen from a mile away, and if you’re going to spend money on a nice pair of shoes you might as well buy quality leather.

Paul Evans can provide quality Italian leather shoes at a fraction of the usual cost you see in department stores. Run by two men who have a passion for fine leather, they branched out on their own and traveled to Italy to see the entire process of leather shoe making. There they developed business relationships with six Italian families who have been honing the leather shoe making skill for generations. Without a middle man, Paul Evans is able to reduce the cost of the shoe without sacrificing quality. Each shoe is crafted to perfection with fine Italian leather made by true Italian craftsmen. A staple in any men’s wardrobe, the leather shoe is a must and Paul Evan’s has every style to fit every man.

If You Need A Lawyer In Brazil, There Are Some Great Options

The legal system of Brazil is quite complex, like many countries. If you are faced with any type of legal problem, getting a lawyer is always advisable. This is especially true if you are being charged with a criminal offense. However, even in the case of civil cases, having a lawyer can certainly help to protect your funds. Additionally, getting a lawyer is also advisable for those who are those pursuing court cases of any nature.

There are some important things to look for when hiring a lawyer. If you can, you should try to locate a good lawyer by networking. Now is the time to ask whoever you can if they know of good lawyers. First off, nearly any lawyer who you should consider will offer a free consultation. In this session, you can often size up whether or not you would like he/she to represent you in the courtroom. In addition to meeting the person you are considering, you want to make sure the person does not have any skeletons in their closet. Read their website over very well. It’s even a good idea to take a peek at their social media profiles. Make sure that their credentials are legitimate, and find out what their clients had to say about them. If everything checks out okay, then you can consider hiring them.

If you are looking for a highly skilled, highly successful lawyer, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvlho is a great choice. He takes on cases of a variety of different types. He is also very well known in the legal community as an effective lawyer. Due to this, he carries a lot of clout in the courtroom. Arguably, he may be about the most credible lawyer you can get in Brazil.

If you are looking for a corporate lawyer, Ricardo Tosto does a lot with this area of law. He works on incorporation, mergers, and other tricky aspects of business related legal proceedings. These proceedings are quite complex, so you will need a competent lawyer like Ricardo Tosto on your case. He also works on other matters of financial and business related law, such as banking law, contracts, international laws, and legal proceedings related to credit and debt.

All in all, there are many good lawyers that are located in Brazil. However, you need to do your research on them. If you don’t, it is certainly possible that you could not get the representation that you deserve. If you do, you will very likely be well represented in the courtroom.

Bank With Pride

Place Of Honor
Today in the great country of Brazil the need for a bank that has pride with its service is a must.The people of this country need to know that they can go to a bank with a proud history of dependable service to their clients.With many banks not being able to stick to their word a person should question what the bank would do with their money.So for those of you who are wondering are there still any banks that work with me?The answer is more simple then you think my friends because the answer is yes.

Right Place To Go
The bank that goes with the right motto for the working man is BMG.For years since the 1930s this bank has thrown itself into the work of the people.With a team of experts of professional bankers this bank has more then proved themselves more then ever to the community of Brazil.From small deals of payroll to major contracts of modern industrial powers this bank has shown what it means to be a bank that provides for its community.With nearly a century of proper business there is noway you can go wrong when thinking about go to work with these guys.

Man Behind The Plan
One of the men who has more then proved he has shown his drive for this bank is BMG Vice President and Director Marcio Alaor.This man has made his bones for making his life goals about the growth of this bank since the very day he started.So with that in mind you will sleep better at night knowing men like BMG Vice President and Director Marcio Alaor are behind the wheel of this great bank.

Wrap Up
At the end of the day you will wonder is there a bank that will be there for me.With the information now available you know that the answer to your problem has been solved.So at the end of the day when you wonder is all of this information good for my benefit the answer will be yes.Because the information in this article has been proven for more the three quarters of a century.So with all said and done I can only hope that you use this article for your next step towards a bright economic future?Remember my friends for you to get good results you must have good work and this bank will.

The Hard Work Of North Korean Defector Yeonmi Park

It takes many skills to be involved in human rights activism. A human rights activist must be prepared to be brave. They must also be willing to speak out tirelessly in pursuit of their goals. Many human rights activists around the world have faced all kinds of hardships as a result of their pursuit of this task. In doing so, many have needed to find the kind of resources internally that allow them to stand up and confront conditions in places that are known to be corrupt and known to be run by very cruel leaders.

One such person is North Korean human rights activist Yeonmi Park. Park is a native of North Korea and a brave soul who has done her part to help bring pressure to bear to one of the world’s most repressive places. Her work in the field of human rights activism has earned her a great deal of admiration from many quarters. It has also proven very hard as she has forced herself to speak out in front of people around the world and tell her story of what is actually going on in this very isolated part of the world.

Yeonmi Park was born in North Korea more than two decades. Her parents were members of the elite, making her life vastly easier than the lives of the majority of North Koreans. However, her father’s fall from grace meant that she and her entire family were forced to live the live of most ordinary North Koreans, meaning a life filled with hardships of all kinds and enormous deprivation. As she has recounted in many media and in her upcoming book, life here was one of relentless pain and almost unimaginable deprivation. Growing up in this nation was often almost unbelievably difficult. Many of her fellow North Koreans did not make it.

In her book on BBC, Park talks about what it was like to be a North Korean when she was young. This part of the world is governed by a tiny group of people who are devoted to an ideology that is centered around the notion that the nation’s leaders are virtually akin to gods. Ordinary North Koreans like Ms. Park were taught to essential worship the nation’s leaders and to regard them as the best leaders in the entire world. She and her fellow classmates were forced to listen to repeated radio broadcasts and other media that exhorted them to do anything they were told by the nation’s leaders.

Meanwhile Park reminds readers that food in North Korea was often quite scarce and that millions of her countrymen died because of the nation’s needless famine. Her life here meant that she had little to eat on most days and had to endure classes in school that did not teach her to think for herself. It was not until her escape that she began to realize just how hard her life had been as a child growing up here nor how lucky she was to leave.

Growing Site Flipora Helps Users Find New Content

Do you remember the days of clicking and scrolling through internet search engine results to find the perfect article. It was a painful process with limited results. In fact, you were lucky to find something that was a paid website. Marketing companies work very hard to drive traffic to certain websites. Users find these sites through their keyword searches, so finding information through a search engine is hard work in today’s internet. That is why we are a lucky generation to see the growing popularity of iPhone apps and social media websites that are designed to connect users with the information they want to see. For years these sites have been at it. Some have done better than others to help users find relevant information. Not every website that matches a keyword is worth looking at. With Flipora, it is easy to switch to the next website by flipping the page.

Flipora is an enjoyable experience that helps its users find relevant, new content that is based on their interests. Not only is it based upon their interests, but the content from Flipora is compiled using user search information. Let’s say you look at a lot of websites about gardening. You will likely see more suggestions from Flipora about gardening, plants, starting nurseries and greenhouse construction. The platform is great at connecting users with their interests, and sharing things has never been easier.

Flipora is a great social media app because it gets users connected and talking about what they’re looking at online. Now, when you see your friends at the market place you will have something interesting to discuss with them. You can ask the if they saw the article you sent them, and you will have a great time discussing the new websites you have come in contact with thanks to Flipora.

There’s no end to the possibilities. The internet is a huge place, and it’s growing rapidly. There are new websites popping up constantly. Not only that, but users can create their own content. The websites generated through Flipora are shown to the users based upon the content they view, not the people who pay to have their sites viewed. Unlike other social media websites and apps, Flipora brings users in touch with the things they are already interested in. Stay in touch with your personal interests with Flipora.