Cuba Jails Aguila, Human Rights Foundation Condemns Them

As a person who works in social services, I have always been interested in human rights. It is despairing to see countries that have such potential in the world be so insensitive to the rights of their citizens. People in the United States and abroad are intently watching the negotiations between America and Cuba over the past few months. Talks have been going well; however, the subject of human rights violations is the Achille’s heel for the two nations.

Recently, I read an online article on that discussed a popular dissident in Cuba. Gorki Augila leads a rock music band called Porno Para Ricardo and has been sent to jail twice last year for his pro-human rights activities, says the article. Protesting against government policy is illegal in Cuba and can result in jail time. Aguila has also been a victim of many death threats from powerful individuals.

Earlier this month, the Human Rights Foundation publicly called out Lionel Messi for a trip to Gabon. Now, they’re back in the spotlight with these accusations.

He was arrested again in Havana. Even though he was in jail for just a few hours, government officials informed him that if he does not stop protesting the present regime, he will not be allowed to travel out of Cuba. Recently, he has been an avid supporter of Ladies in White, a prominent human rights group. Ladies in White is an organized group of Cuban ladies who have relatives who are political prisoners since 2003, says the article.

Being arrested for his political opinions is nothing new to Augila, who has performed in many places in the United States, South America, and Spain. He advocated for the release of Danilo “El Sexto” Maldonado, who has been in prison for nearly a year. Maldono received condemnation from the Cuban government for some of his political graffiti art. For protesting Maldono’s imprisonment, Gorki Aguila was arrested temporarily nearly three months ago.

The Human Rights Foundation filed an official statement that condemned how Aguila was being treated. Since it was incorporated in 2005, this foundation has worked to defend oppressed people and to promote democracy for every nation. They are not affiliated with any party and they are a nonprofit organization.

Even though he experiences threats all the time from the government, Aguila shows no signs of repentance or of ceasing his activities. He continues to be a staunch advocate of human rights and wants to inspire other artists to follow his footsteps. According to the article, Auguila’s band, Porno Para Ricardo, his been protesting in Cuba for over fifteen years.