Highland Capital Management Introduces Three New Exchange Traded Funds

Highland Capital Management, a privately owned investment firm headquartered in Dallas, Texas, introduced three new exchange traded fund (ETF) securities on June 1st, 2015. The new security services include HFR Global, HFR Event Driven, and HFR Equity Hedge. These new exchange traded funds are options for individual investors that track bonds, commodities, grouped assets, and an index. What makes the ETFs attractive to investors is the fact that the price changes throughout the day, resulting in greater daily liquidity. Unlike mutual funds, the Global, Event Driven, and Equity Hedge are accessed lower net expense ratios at .85%.

HFR Global ETF offers debt and equity securities on behalf of companies in the United States and international. The HFR Event Driven ETF uses an index to track all returns on hedge funds by employing event driven approaches that holds selective securities from the index. HFR Equity Hedge exchange traded fund tracks the HFRL Equity Hedge Index and holds security samplings to employ equity hedge approaches to monitor its returns.

In addition to the ETFs, Highland Capital Management offers other funds, including the alternative, fixed income, equity, and asset allocation. The alternative funds are Energy MLP, Floating Rate Opportunities, Global Allocation, Long/Short Healthcare, Long/Short Equity and other fund services. Fixed income funds offer bonds and other debt instruments for investors to capitalize. There are all types of equity funds offered to venture capitalists, such as small & large caps, value, growth, domestic, and international. Investors can build an investment portfolio with asset allocation funds by including fixed or variable allocations to stocks, bonds, and cash equivalents.

James Dondero on facebook.com is the co-founder of Highland Capital Management, L.P. and manages the daily operations and investment strategies for domestic and international trading transactions. He was the first investment tycoon who introduced the first Collaterized Loan Obligation in 1996 and has monitored over 39 CLOs and CDOs with an asset value of $32 Million. Highland is considered the largest capital management company internationally under manageable USD assets.

The firm got its start in 1990 when Dondero and Mark Okada founded Protective Life Insurance Corporation and later in 1993 changed to the Protective Asset Management Company. At that time, the Protective Life owned 60% shares and the founding partners owned 40% interest. By the end of the year of 1997, the founders purchased Protective Life and organized Ranger Asset Management, L.P. A year later the name of Ranger Asset Management was modified to Highland Capital Management, L.P.

Highland Capital Management has contributed over $10 million to global and domestic charitable organizations. Uplift Education, Education is Freedom, Perot Museum of Nation & Science, George W. Bush Presidential Center, Capital for Kids, and other charitable non-profit organizations received millions of dollars in contributions. James Dondero is a humanitarian, tycoon investor, and businessman.