The Role of Economists in The Marketplace

An economist is first and foremost a social scientist. These individuals study trends in human activity in relation to economic trends that happen all around the globe. These individuals many times have advanced degrees in the subject and are very well versed in many different economic policies that benefit individuals all over the world. There are many different types of economics that an individual can be an expert in. For example, macroeconomics and microeconomics are both different subjects within economics that individuals can master. The role of these economists is to understand trends in these different fields of economics and predict changes in the marketplace.

Christian Broda is an individual who has really mastered the world of economics. With his time as a professor in economics at the University of Chicago, he has written many publications on international finance and trade. Dr. Broda also spent a good deal of time as the chief international economist at Lehman brothers. He also served at Barclays Captial as head of international research. To say that Dr. Broda is an expert in his field is an understatement. This man has really taken the time necessary to really become a master in his field, and he is respected as such.

Individuals like Dr. Broda are really those who keep the market fluid in the long run. These economists help government officials decide what must be done in very volatile market situations. Without these economists to help guide our paths in the financial markets, there is a greater chance for economic chaos. These economists can go on to have a very successful career in both academia and the professional field as well. There are many opportunities for those who want to become a professional from their skills that they have learned as an economist.

When you are looking for a career in economics, you need to ask yourself if you are looking for a job in academia as professor, or if you are looking for a job in the professional field where you are creating change in the market place. If you are looking for a job in the academic field, you are most likely going to need a PhD in economics in order to teach. This is something that will take some time, but will be quite worth it in the long run. If you are looking for a job as an economist in the professional world you will just need to prove that you have achieved the necessary degree as an economists. A PhD will most likely not be necessary.