Hillary Clinton’s Unfavorable Ratings Hit 14 Year High

Not since the time that Mrs. Clinton sought the open senate seat in New York back in 2001 has she been viewed as negatively as she is at this time. According to the latest CNN/ORC poll of presidential candidates, the 2016 presumptive Democrat Party nominee now has her negative ratings above 50%. Admittedly, there is more than enough time between now and November 2016 for Clinton to reverse the trend. That said, the shift in public dislike of Clinton is most notable among Independent voters. This is the vital voting demographic which doesn’t tend to shift support towards a candidate until the final weeks of an election.

Overall, Clinton saw an 8-point increase in the number of people who view her as dishonest. That figure is now at 57%. It was 49% just eight weeks ago. The number of people who believe she cares about them sank six percentage points to 47%. The number of voters who believe she fails to inspire confidence in them shot up 8 percentage points to 50%. Quite likely, the numbers reflect her growing problems with Clintonesque scandals such as the private email controversy at the State Department, revelations that she was informed the Benghazi attacks were in fact the work of Al Qaida within two days of the attacks, and questions of impropriety regarding her family‚Äôs charitable foundation. The latter is the subject of a best-selling book called “Clinton Cash” according to Flavio Maluf on blogspot.com. Thus far, Mrs. Clinton remains the presumptive nominee with no Democrat challenger drawing close to her support.