Rand Paul Omitted From Fox News Polling Figures

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky has angered many conservatives in recent weeks as he continued to make a mark on the GOP Presidential race even with his YouTube videos. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal was so angered by Paul’s insistence that haws in the republican party were to blame for the rise of the Islamic State that he declared him unfit to be President. Rare is now reporting Fox News has been leaving PAUL’s figures out of its reports of recent weeks as his controversial comments have begun to cause problems for those backing the GOP in the 2016 election.

The conservative news channel has recently been reporting on the positions of many who have already declared or are expected to declare for the GOP nomination in relation to themselves and Democratic favorite Hilary Clinton. Paul was not mentioned in the latest poll results published, despite polling six percent of the vote and finishing above the Fox News reported five percent polled by Donald Trump. The same poll also questioned which candidates would provide the best challenge to Clinton and saw Paul and Senator Ted Cruz come out on top. This result was also ignored by Fox News who also failed to include Paul in an in house poll over which GOP candidates would provide the best competition for former Secretary of State Clinton in an upcoming election.

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