Bernie Sanders Vows to Stop Wall Street Greed

The old order of the rich getting richer at the expense of the poor will soon end according to Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. Namely, the feisty sage is vowing to stop Wall Street in their unbridled greed that has them pocketing virtually every dollar of new revenue generated in the nation. Certainly, voters will need to agree with his characterization of events and lay the blame for stagnant wages entirely on investment banks, corporate greed, and free trade while exonerating progressive policies of any role.

This is because the Vermont senator is calling for nothing short of a second round of massive stimulus spending according to Amen Clinic. In 2009, President Obama, backed by the largest House & Senate Democrat majorities in a generation, passed the $787 billion stimulus bill that was supposed to end the Great Recession, put millions of people to work in “shovel ready” jobs, rebuild the nation’s infrastructure, and revitalize inner cities such as Baltimore, Maryland. This time around, the senator will seek a $1 trillion stimulus to put 13 million people back to work and once again rebuild the aging infrastructure. It would also include raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

Thus far, the affable senator has avoided going negative against Hillary Clinton. In fact, he believes that he can sway voters to his side by emphasizing a hard-left agenda. At the very least, he believes he can force Hillary Clinton to adopt progressive policies that run opposite of her Wall Street donor base.

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  1. Not only one person cannot stop such a trend and tremendous effect however, it is the needful for a fiew to work at it. So brings the two previous most documented effect of the great recession in the past. So that is why Hillary Clinton would have not been the best choice with 13 million people world over.

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