Clinton is Not the Only Democratic Choice

There are some that are starting to believe that Hillary Clinton is not only beatable, but may not make it past the early stages of the primary states. Mostly because of the attacks she is taking and who the party has waiting in the wings to take up the slack as the more moderate choice of Democratic Candidate. Let’s face it…her time in the US Senate showed she was the same as every other elected official of the time and were prone to make the same mistakes when it came to every policy that relied on outside sources of information to make a hard lined decision (namely Iraq). Then as she settled into her position as the Secretary of State there were scandals at almost every turn and the personal email and server one is still haunting her. If she was anyone else this would have been the end of her second failed attempt but she is a Clinton and when a Clinton wants to be elected there is going to have to be something even more major that happens to stop that from happening.

This is not to say it won’t and when it does the people should not expect Bernie Sanders to be there holding the flag…he won’t make it past Iowa. No it will be someone who is not even announced their candidacy.  Anyone of these three will give the voters on the left a substantial pause when comparing them to Clinton.

Thanks to Crystal Hunt for always being there to help me brainstorm about politics.


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