Clinton Rubio Are Early Leaders in Race to 1600 Penn

Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio lead their respective parties for the nominations for the White House in 2016. While Clinton’s lead was no surprised in light of a weak field of democratic contenders, Rubio’s poll numbers have shocked the Republican core who many believe would simply rally around Jeb Bush.  Google Play suggests that Marco Rubio presents a young face for the republicans that the party simply has never had before. His candidacy is gaining traction as it runs hard against a Clinton nomination, while at the same time presenting an tempting alternative to the stogie standard republican party candidates that have dominated the party for the past several elections. Clinton and Rubio Take early Leads in Their Races

As the republican nomination proceeds on, the race will inevitably become nasty and bloody as all of the republican candidates fight for each primary and caucus as well as for campaign dollars. With only a couple of points separating Rubio and Bush, the potential for the lead candidates to damage each other before a general election run against Hilary wis great. To the contrary, Rubio would gain much needed credibility regarding his political toughness which would serve him well if he were to win the nomination outright.

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  1. Rubio will have the most contentious course for his nomination which will prove to be both a blessing as well as a curse. The number of candidates in the republican filed is more closely packed than in the democratic field. It is alright to know that websites that do your homework should have some knowledge about getting some things done for them swiftly.

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