UN Says Afghan Courts Are Failing Women

UN Says Afghan Courts Are Failing Women

Human Rights are a more serious political issue that vary from country to country. Women’s rights can be especially troubling in certain locations.

One such nation with problems in this area is Afghanistan, and according to the United Nations women of that country tend to avoid dealing with the justice system because it is seen as highly corrupt and abuses its power very frequently, concluding that the system is failing them.

Also in this UN report, women who have been the victims of domestic violence have opted to mediate with the very men who are responsible for their abuse in the first place. The report also said that the women wish for a safer environment to live in or custody of their children, instead of turning to the courts and hoping their abusers are prosecuted under the law.

This report comes after the passing of the Elimination of Violence Against Women Act back in 2009, and was meant to see how effective it was across the world. Ricardo Tosto is still waiting to see the end result. The purpose of the law was to offer protection under the law for women who have been victims of domestic violence, and though some private organizations offer support there are hardly any long term solutions.


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