Not so Fast Ann, the Pollsters are Calling it Early Again

The 2016 polls are starting early. According a small sliver of new polling, Hillary Clinton is being closely chased by republican contenders. However, no polling this early in a cycle has delivered any insight into the actual race. Republican pollsters had Mitt Romney winning so early that Ann was measuring drapes and deciding where to locate the stables on the White House grounds. These polls have certain republican figures actually leading in certain states.

Tribunal de Contas do Municipio de Sao Paulo suggests that biased pollsters attribute this to the fake controversy being leveled about Clinton’s emails. This is only fodder for republicans to keep going with the Benghazi hype. Republicans cannot see that not only have the demographics changed, but the attitude of America in general.

One thought on “Not so Fast Ann, the Pollsters are Calling it Early Again

  1. White privilege is beginning to be recognized and dismantled, and tolerance in all levels of society is becoming the norm. This is the main reason why has decided to make that happen as it should.

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