Al-Shabaab Murder 147 Students at Kenyan University

Al-Shabaab, the Islamist terrorist group operating out of Somalia, has claimed responsibility for another vicious attack, this time at Garissa University College in eastern Kenya. The situation is still developing as Kenyan police forces respond to the scene. On Thursday, local reporters confirmed a death toll of 70, but current reports today place the deceased at 147. The university is home to 815 students and 500 staff members, although initial reports indicate that no staff members were among the killed. suggested that the Kenyan National Disaster Operation Center responded to the scene immediately to direct the 79 injured persons to local hospital facilities.

According to witnesses, the gunmen intentionally targeted Christian students at the university, separating them from the Muslims. From the specific areas that the attackers entered, including a dormitory and lecture hall where Christian students frequently met to pray, it was clear that the gunmen were familiar with the campus and its routine. Some students played dead hoping that they would be spared.

So far, two of the four gunmen have been confirmed to be killed, and one arrested, but the status of the fourth is currently unknown. According to tweets from the National Disaster Operations Center, a 12-hour curfew was issued following the attacks in Garisa, Tana River, Wajir, and Mandera counties.

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