Leveraging on Sports betting tips from covers.com

Sports betting has become more and more popular over the years as more people are beginning to see how much money they stand to make from sports betting. No one wants to pass on such an investment opportunity. Sports betting in football has especially become popular all over the world as it is the sport with the biggest number of fans, having ingrained itself into the national culture of many countries around the world.

Sports betting sites like http://www.covers.com are gaining popularity as they are very convenient for anyone interested in sports betting. With such sites, you can place a wager from anywhere as long as you have an internet-enabled device and an internet connection. Covers.com also provides tips and keeps bettors and other football fans informed on the Football Odds, College Football odds, or the NCAAF odds. Sports betting is not rocket science, but neither is it as straightforward as some people tend to think it is.

Betting Tips from Professional Sports Bettors

Some professional sports bettors have shared some betting tips on covers.com. Ted Servansky, who is also a commentator, says that one of the most important things in sports betting is preparation. Just like any in other investment you make, you need to study and learn all the important details before placing a wager. Get all the information you need so that you can make an informed bet and not just place a bet based on what you feel the outcome will be. Timing is also a very important factor in sports betting. Covers.com has a weekly feature where experts analyze Football Odds, College Football odds, or the NCAAF odds and tell bettors whether they should place their bets immediately or hold off until later. With such guidance, you stand a better chance of winning big on your bets.

Start Planning For the Super Bowl Weekend

The Super Bowl being only 3 months away, it is time to start planning for that weekend. Due to the increasing number of people visiting Las Vegas for the Super Bowl, it is advisable to book your accommodation early and start making plans for where you’re going to watch and wager so that you do not end up missing a place. It would be a good idea to place your bets before the Super Bowl Sunday in order to save yourself the hassle of waiting in line for a long time. Alternatively, you can take advantage of online betting sites like covers.com to avoid wasting time on a line. With the betting tips and all the other important information on covers.com, you stand an even higher chance of winning big on your bets.

Waiakea Surging Up the Bottled Water Market

One of the fastest growing water bottle companies on the planet uses its natural Hawaiian nature as the source of their product.

As a result, Waiakea Water has seen tremendous growth ever since its inception in 2012. The premium water bottle company has built its reputation on providing not just water, but liquid from a sustainable source with health benefits all in a package that aids charitable endeavors.

Waiakea is actually a subdivision within the Hilo District found on the east side of the Big Island of Hawaii. To the island’s native Hawaiian tongue, Waiakea water stands for “broad waters.” There is an actual Waiakea Stream found along the slopes of Mauna Loa, an active volcano located around central region of the Big Island.

So when the founders of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water say this is water mixed with volcanic minerals, they mean it. The water in the Waiakea bottle brand come from the stream bearing the company name and, therefore, really do come from the slopes of Mauna Loa.

The company uses water which flows through thousands of feet of volcanic rock and comes up from the Waiakea spring. This provides the water with natural alkaline source which is carbon neutral and makes the drink very rich in minerals. Calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, and silica can all be found in the Waiakea water.

Closet Samples noted that on top of the rich water, the entire Waiakea water bottle package is environmentally friendly. All the bottles are made up of 100 percent recycled plastic.

According to Organic Authority, Being environmentally supportive isn’t just a local issue for Waiakea water. For every one liter sold, the company donates 650 liters of water to needy communities around the world.

For all of its charitable contributions, what stands out about the Waiakea water is the liquid itself. Drinking water has always been a health benefit for those who partake a strong quantity of the liquid on a daily basis. Whether it helps keep the complexion young or aids in losing weight, there are a number of positive reasons to take in water.

Now there is a brand that has a source which provides clean, rich bottled water in an environmentally friendly package. While it comes at a premium price, its value is worth it given its high quality and environmental impact.


3 home remedies that will bring moisture back to your hair

Are you tired of buying expensive hair moisturizers that just don’t work or contain harsh chemicals? Well, we’ve got 3 home remedies that will bring moisture back to your hair.

1) Avocados:

Loaded with vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, avocados are great for adding moisture back to your hair. We know it may seem a little strange, but trust us: it works.

Start by combining 1 avocado (pit removed) with 1 egg. Then apply this mixture to wet hair and leave in your hair for at least 20 minutes. After 20 minutes has passed, rinse your hair and wash as you normally would.

For severely damaged hair repeat this process once a week, and for healthy hair repeat once a month.

2) Olive oil:

First, you’ll want to start by warming up the olive oil, but avoid boiling it. Once the oil is warm, rub it into your hair. Cover your head with a shower cap or any plastic you have on hand, and wrap it in a towel. Let the oil sit in your hair for 45 minutes, and then wash your hair as normal.

3) Apple Cider Vinegar:

Start by combining 1 teaspoon with 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 3 egg whites. Rub the mixture into your hair and cover. Let the mixture sit in your hair for at least 30 minutes using a shower cap, and then wash as normal.

To keep your hair full of moisture, try using WEN hair by Chaz. This is an all natural product that refrains from using harsh chemicals found in most hair care products. This line of products add moisture, body, bounce and strength to your hair.

Wen hair care products cleanses your hair thoroughly without stripping your hair of its natural moisture. It’s a single step process that cleanses and conditions your hair, so there’s no need for multiple products.

Give your hair the treatment it deserves and try these home remedies and Wen hair care products. The products are sold online by retailers such as QVC and Guthy-Renker.

More hair care tips on https://www.facebook.com/WENhaircare/.


Sam Tabar Addresses The Issue Of Cutting Support To Adult Children


Many parents do not know the right time to stop supporting their adult children. Parents want the best for their children. It is natural for them to support their children. Sometimes they go to the extent of paying rent and catering for other expenses incurred by their kids.

A survey done by Fidelity on the youths between 25 and 35 years made startling revelations. From the study, 47% of the millennial were still receiving support from the parents. Their parents were paying for their expenses. They include cell phone bills, clothing, utilities and entertainment, groceries, as well as rent and mortgage. The bills took up 21%, 16%, 14%, 20%, and 12% of the parents support respectively.

When it comes to savings, the Federal Reserve revealed that only half of Americans make over $400 in savings. The millennial surveyed had $ 9,100 on average in savings. This amount is more than the national average. Moreover, over half of those surveyed had retirement savings and investments accounts. This means that they were fiscally preparing themselves for the future. However, parents are dilemma over such concerns. This is because they sacrifice their future fiscal wellness by supporting their adult children. It is time for the parents to have broad and honest discussions with themselves and their children and consider their position in retirement.

Considering the Federal Reserve’s observation, it seems that many parents are endangering their financial wellness by continuing to offer support to their adult children. Preparing well for retirement requires parents to avoid risking their future financial stability. With an average of $ 9,100 in savings, the children can pay for their bills. By discussing about their financial situation, parents can help them understand the importance of taking full responsibility of their finances.

About Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar is the chief operating officer of Full Cycle Energy Fund. He is a highly respected legal expert. Sam is also an experienced capital strategist. Previously, he worked as the head of Capital Introduction at Merrill Lynch in Asia Pacific. Additionally, he has managed leading hedge funds In Asia like PMA Investment Advisors, which is based in Hong Kong.

Sam Tabar received his legal training from the esteemed Columbia Law School. He went on to serve in legal firms like Schulte, Roth & Zabel as well as Skadden, Arps, Meagher, Slate & Flom. His success in the hedge fund industry is unparalleled. Sam is one of the major investors in THINX.


Cone Marshall Barristers and Solicitors Limited is a law company located at Auckland in New Zealand and works with worldwide families and their advisors. The company started in the year 2007 as a New Zealand limited company. It has been in the market industry for eight years now with a range of about 11 to 50 employees. The company’s office address is Cone Marshall Ltd, Level 3, 18 Stanley Street, Auckland Central, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand. Since Cone Marshall Ltd. started, the company has been managed by a maximum of three directors, including Geoffrey Cone, who is a graduate of University of Otago, New Zealand, with LLB honors.

Cone Marshall Ltd. helps by creating New Zealand trusts, corporations, and firms, and also assists by providing comprehensive wealth planning guidance. However, it does not look for private customers. Instead, they offer services to various sectors such as private banks and other organizations that are located outside New Zealand, to help them in scheduling for their customers. The company’s primary objective is to institute structures and provide the full local tax and structuring recommendations to its clients.

The company also focuses on various areas such as competition litigation in which it covers general questions in competition litigation law and regulations. This includes short-term remedies, ultimate remedies, settlement, expenses, leniency and anticipated reforms. In Aviation Law, Cone Marshall Ltd. covers common issues in aviation laws and regulations that include aircraft business, finance, and leasing, and dispute resolution, commercial and regulatory to its clients.

In Corporate Tax, the company covers standard of corporate tax rules and regulations that include the capital increase, overseas income, real estate and anti-avoidance, the company also deals with Copyright issues in which it covers all the general matters in copyright law and regulations. These rules include copyright subsistence, ownership, copyright enforcement, criminal offenses and copyright infringement.

As a law firm, Cone Marshall Ltd. has partnered with different types of organizations such as American Bar Association, Association for International Arbitration, Corporate Lawyers of South Africa and International Chamber of Commerce to achieve its objectives of reaching out the worldwide families.

Securus Technologies responds

Securus Technologies, Inc. is a service provider for 1.2 million people serving time in North America. It gives a communication avenue for detainees, government data, and parole officers. It is certified by the Better Business Bureau.

It extends over 2600 prisons in 45 states, Mexico, Canada and the District of Columbia. Securus has its main office and four regional offices in Dallas, Texas. Another branch is in Georgia. The technical services provided include:

  • Emergency response
  • Inmate self-service
  • Incident management
  • Biometric analysis
  • Communication
  • Investigation
  • Information management
  • Monitoring services
  • Public information


On June 7th, 2016, Global Tel Links (GTL) released information which has since been corrected by Securus.

  1. The first claim stated that GTL is allowed to pursue sanctions and compensation from Securus in pending lawsuits in the Federal Court of Texas, concerning the 816 patent being “PTAB-validated”.Securus seeks to rehear the allegations that have been long overdue, making the compensation claimed is invalid.
  2. Securus also corrected information that it infringes GTL’s video visitation monitoring tools. It also added that GTL doesn’t own the security feature.

iii. Unlike the claims by GTL that PTAB had found the innovations to be cleared, allowing them to reinstate their case in court, Securus denied the patentability of the devices by


  1. GTL informed the public that the case was four months from rehearing, in a bid to prove their claims as true. Securus is confident that the jury will be just in the session, which they presume will happen after 2016.
  2. Securus further confirmed that GTL’s surveillance devices are not in use by them. Hence there would be no injunction.
  3. Securus denied the allegations by GTL of trying to gain by settling issues independently. It reported that the former settlements were a result of quick and amicable negotiations between the companies involved. It also revisited the patent and patent metrics they hold, stating them to be more than those of GTL.

The chief executive officer of Securus perceives GTL to be making a flawed judgment in their litigation methodology against them, citing the massive financial loss that GTL will incur.


Adam Goldenberg Shows You Don’t Have To Be An Expert In A Field To Make It Work

Adam Goldenberg is becoming a new popular name in the fashion retail industry, but some still wonder how a man like him with almost no background in this industry could build such a successful company. A lot of it is because Goldenberg has values that have carried his company to success very fast over the last five years on Huffington Post. First, Goldenberg isn’t likely to fix what isn’t broken. If his customers like something, he’s sure to keep it. Second, Goldenberg doesn’t just follow the latest business trend, but instead works to make his company unique and true to its core philosophies. And last but not least, Goldenberg and his Co-CEO Don Ressler have fun at work.

How Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler came to start JustFab is really quite remarkable, as they both left the MySpace company right when most thought it was becoming the next big thing. Adam Goldenberg had previously started his own marketing company, Gamer’s Alliance back in 1996, and MySpace’s parent company, Intermix Media saw Goldenberg’s potential and hired him before he even went to college. Goldenberg contributed a lot to Intermix Media, and at only age 20, he became the youngest Chief Operating Officer ever to work for a publicly traded company at http://vator.tv/person/adam-goldenberg. While serving as COO, he met Don Ressler who had founded FitnessHeaven.com, and the two began starting up small businesses under Intermix Media’s roof.

For a while, Goldenberg and Ressler enjoyed their time at the company, but then when NewsCorp bought Intermix Media out, a profitable company that Adam Goldenberg and Ressler had worked so hard to build became shoved aside. Goldenberg and Ressler then did the unthinkable and left Intermix Media, deciding instead to start their own business brands. The first company they started was Intelligent Beauty, a distributor of health and beauty products, and later they started Brentwood Cosmetics.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg decided to go to the next level and startup a fashion line. What they wanted was a company that sold highly affordable but stylish apparel, and one that would spend hardly anything on marketing. That company became JustFab, a business that became highly attractive to both fashion models and venture capital providers. The company sold everything from denim jeans to fancy dresses and handbags, and soon JustFab branched out into athletic wear at Fabletics and FL2, and also men’s attire as well as children. The company has been valued at over $1 billion after reaching $300 million in funding.

Billy McFarland is making dreams come true

Billy McFarland is a leading and very successful tech entrepreneur who grew up in Short Hills, New Jersey, was born in New York City and continues to be ambitious in all aspects of his life. McFarland founded and became the CEO of Magnises in 2014 and it has become the fastest growing company globally. Through Magnises, Billy is currently serving members in the New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, and Washington DC areas.

His Accelerate Foundation is helping professional athletes in every sport to get into the workforce by pairing them up with seasoned mentors. With the help of this foundation, they are able to become successful off of the field, gain financial security, and to get connected to jobs.

Magnises is a reflection of McFarland’s passion and perseverance. The company started with only 200 people and a sheet of metal, but with his careful guidance has grown to include over thirty thousand members and continues to reach the tech, fashion, entertainment, and fitness industries.

Billy is known as a “tech wiz” by Business Insider, a “mastermind” by Bloomberg, and a “natural entrepreneur” by CNBC.

His passion and talent for bringing people and communities together through the use of technology began when he was just twelve years old. He used to hide computers in order to teach himself coding and at the age of fourteen he had founded his first company. Before graduating high school he founded and acquired several companies as well.

Billy McFarland studied engineering at Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania and in his freshman year he founded the ad-tech company, Spling, which is a site that helps its users to improve the appearance of URLs by converting text links into organized graphic, mosiac images on bulliten boards in the virtual world. His customers include but are not limited to Hearst, Universal, and Discovery.

He launched Magnesis in 2013 with a motivation to connect people and ideas. Learning Entrepreneurship Through Active Participation, or LEAP, is helping inquisitive middle and high school students to pursue their careers in technology and business. Through McFarland’s LEAP program young minds learn the fundamentals of business, leadership, teamwork, coding, and entrepreneurship. McFarland wants to nurture the same passion he has in young students so they can earn the same success he has had without having to hide their keyboards or learn a lot of their lessons the hard way.

McFarland has put his creative mind to work and has built an empire of knowledge and skills that allow future entrepreneurs to tap into in order to create something amazing as well.

Your Online Reputation Affects Your Business

The online reputation of any business is critical to long-term success. More and more, people are using the Internet to determine whether or not a company or organization is reputable. If they type in your company name and the first thing they see are negative comments or an article promoting your competition, you will lose business. Fortunately, fixing your online reputation has never been easier.

The Importance of Online Presence Management

Your online reputation is directly related to your earning potential. As mentioned, any negative search results will persuade individuals to seek out alternatives without hesitation. You could lose thousands, if not millions, of dollars on potential new customers and the loss of existing clientele with one bad review that is featured on the first page of search results. It is critical to either remove those results or to ensure you suppress negative search results about your brand. Companies such as Reputation Management Fixers specialize in just this and they can help.

Increase Positive Search Engine Rankings

The best way to improve your online reputation is by hiring professionals that provide reputation repair services. These businesses specialize in the removal of specific postings, and for those that are unable to be eliminated, these experts can bury negative search results so that the only results on page one are glowing remarks and recommendations for your business. It is crucial that you concentrate on your page rankings. Negative feedback and comments are like a virus. Even if you have one thousand positive results, people will focus on the one negative result which can spread throughout your entire social media communities with the click of a button. Again, Reputation Management Fixers and other online reputation management companies are trained to improve your online image.

It is possible to improve your positive page rankings on your own through SEO, new content, page updates and more; however, hiring a professional will save you time and money in the end. Professionals will provide results much more quickly, which prevents loss of sales, as it is their job to focus solely on your online reputation so you can dedicate your time to other important aspects of your business.

Securus Technologies Gives the Gift of Communication

In a recent article that was published online by PRN Newswire, an accredited new source, it was announced to the prisoners and families of prisoners of many of the jails in the affected flooded areas that they would be able to make and receive phone calls for a limited time up until September 7th. This came as quite a shock and a great deal of relief to many families that do not have any extra funds available at their disposal (especially at times like these) to be able to make those expensive calls. According to that article by PRN Newswire, Securus is estimating that in the week that they allow for the free calls to be made, there will likely be in excess of 250,000 free calls between the prisoners and their families.


Securus truly understands that being able to communicate with families and lawyers in a time like this without having to worry as much about the expense, is going to have a very dramatic impact on both the prisoners and their families. The Chief Executive Officer of the company issued the following statement in regards to the company’s take on the situation: “Connecting inmates with family is a critical service that is core to what we do – and this is even more important in times of tragedy like the recent flooding in Louisiana. The flooding in Louisiana is so significant and severe that we need to take extraordinary measures to help make sure that communications are maintained so that we can help reduce anxiety and stress of inmates and their loved ones,” said Richard A. “Rick” Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies. “The value of the calls that Securus will be connecting for free is approximately $300,000. In addition, Securus is making a cash contribution of $50,000 to the inmate welfare fund at Louisiana Department of Corrections in order to further assist inmates there.”



If you would like to read the article in its entirety and learn more about the Dallas, Texas based company Securus Technologies, you can do so by visiting the following link: Securus Announces Free Calls to Those Incarcerated in the Louisiana State Prison System Due to Recent Floods