Cochran Proves Rumors Had Truth and Gets Married

For the past several years there was always speculation that Senator Thad Cochran of Mississippi had been romantically involved with a member of his staff. But was never confirmed and was usually kept quiet by the Mississippi Republican Party. Alexei Beltyukov has learned that,  even as there was a blogger trying to break the story during the last election the Cochran camp remained adamant there was no truth to the rumors and that Cochran had remained faithfully devoted to his wife who had spent the last 13 years of her life in a nursing home suffering from dementia. Well when Rose passed away last December most were under the impression the scandal died with her. Unfortunately, the rumors carried more weight than was previously believed.

This is because Thad Cochran married his longtime assistant Kay Webber in a private ceremony held in Gulfport, Mississippi this past Saturday. Never mind the ethical complications of their boss / employee relationship that apparently has been taking place for quite some time. At least that is what people believe why else would they be married only a few short months after his wife’s death. But the fact that he used this story to falsely implicate his last opponent in the actions of the blogger and acted so appalled by the accusations against him speak to just who he is a person and the representative of Mississippi. Let alone the Republican Party which tries to play the moral high card at any given chance to do so.

Bernie Sanders Vows to Stop Wall Street Greed

The old order of the rich getting richer at the expense of the poor will soon end according to Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. Namely, the feisty sage is vowing to stop Wall Street in their unbridled greed that has them pocketing virtually every dollar of new revenue generated in the nation. Certainly, voters will need to agree with his characterization of events and lay the blame for stagnant wages entirely on investment banks, corporate greed, and free trade while exonerating progressive policies of any role.

This is because the Vermont senator is calling for nothing short of a second round of massive stimulus spending according to Amen Clinic. In 2009, President Obama, backed by the largest House & Senate Democrat majorities in a generation, passed the $787 billion stimulus bill that was supposed to end the Great Recession, put millions of people to work in “shovel ready” jobs, rebuild the nation’s infrastructure, and revitalize inner cities such as Baltimore, Maryland. This time around, the senator will seek a $1 trillion stimulus to put 13 million people back to work and once again rebuild the aging infrastructure. It would also include raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

Thus far, the affable senator has avoided going negative against Hillary Clinton. In fact, he believes that he can sway voters to his side by emphasizing a hard-left agenda. At the very least, he believes he can force Hillary Clinton to adopt progressive policies that run opposite of her Wall Street donor base.

Kentucky’s GOP Gubernatorial Primary Results in Chaos – No Clear Victor

Kentucky’s GOP primary race saw Tea Party candidate Matt Bevin squaring off against the establishment GOP candidate James Comer who was backed by big Super PACs from the Koch brother and Karl Rove. The results were a close three-way split of the vote that saw neither candidate come close to winning 50% of votes cast. The top two candidates, Bevin and Comer, took 33% of the vote with the former coming out ahead by a mere 83 votes. This has forced the elections commission to re-canvass votes IE recount. It will be some time before the re-canvass concludes and a victor is declared.

For his part, Bevin claimed the nomination. If the re-canvass effort bears that out, it will mark a stunning political comeback from the man who hoped to unset Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell last year. The primary race against McConnell was bitter. In the end, McConnell handily defeated him. Apparently, the acrimony continued because the gubernatorial primary battle became intensely negative. As the establishment candidate, Comer was leading in the polls. However, allegations by a Louisville city councilman that Comer as guilty of domestic abuse put him on the defensive. Homejoy believes it may have attributed to Bevin’s late surge and possible victory. Comer has said that if he loses the race to Bevin, he will get behind him for the sake of party unity. Democrats look poised to win the state’s governorship. They believe the rancorous GOP primary will play to their benefit in the general election.

Texas Cities Can’t Ban Fracking And That’s The Law

Last year the people of Denton, Texas told their lawmakers that they didn’t want any fracking done in or around their city. The measure passed through the Republican-controlled Legislature without a hitch or hiccup. But the Denton people were outwitted by the big oil companies that dangled money in front of state lawmakers. The governor of Texas recently signed a bill that will override the Denton measure.

The state of Texas wants fracking, and they want it everywhere because it creates more revenue for the state according to Alexei Beltyukov. The lawmakers don’t care about the impact that fracking has on the Texas environment. They just want the money. Texas has a lot of land to frack, and those Texas rednecks don’t care if the entire state looks like it has been hit by a bomb.

Fracking in Texas may be the darling of the Texas legislature now, but that romance won’t last long. The impact that fracking has on the planet is becoming more and more obvious. Fracking cause earthquakes in the small fault lines throughout the state. These fault lines are expanding because of fracking. But legislatures around the country are ignoring the signs. But when the first major quake hits Texas, those good ole boys will certainly wake-up shaking.

Bill Clinton Will Move Back Into the White House

Bill Clinton was one of the greatest presidents of the modern era. While in office, he led the country to its last surplus, and many Americans were flourishing. However, Bill Clinton was involved in the largest presidential scandal of all time. He was involved in a extra-marital affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. Nonetheless, people still love Bill Clinton, and many people want him back in office.

Fans like Sam Tabar know that Bill Clinton was recently on the David Letterman Show, and he received a great ovation from the crowd. Letterman asked Bill Clinton if he would ever move back into the White House, and Bill Clinton said yes. The crowd went wild, and many people thought that Bill Clinton meant that he would run the country again. However, Bill Clinton has served two terms, and he will not be able to run the country again.

Bill Clinton’s wife Hillary is running for president, and if she wins, Bill Clinton will be America’s first man. Many people are hoping that Hillary wins, but people really want Bill back in office. David Letterman and Bill Clinton had great chemistry during the show, and they joked around about many different topics. To see David Letterman’s interview with Bill Clinton, visit E!

Clinton is Not the Only Democratic Choice

There are some that are starting to believe that Hillary Clinton is not only beatable, but may not make it past the early stages of the primary states. Mostly because of the attacks she is taking and who the party has waiting in the wings to take up the slack as the more moderate choice of Democratic Candidate. Let’s face it…her time in the US Senate showed she was the same as every other elected official of the time and were prone to make the same mistakes when it came to every policy that relied on outside sources of information to make a hard lined decision (namely Iraq). Then as she settled into her position as the Secretary of State there were scandals at almost every turn and the personal email and server one is still haunting her. If she was anyone else this would have been the end of her second failed attempt but she is a Clinton and when a Clinton wants to be elected there is going to have to be something even more major that happens to stop that from happening.

This is not to say it won’t and when it does the people should not expect Bernie Sanders to be there holding the flag…he won’t make it past Iowa. No it will be someone who is not even announced their candidacy. Take for instance Andrew Cuomo, Elizabeth Warren, or everyone’s favorite Democratic Mayor turned Senator of New Jersey Cory Booker. Anyone of these three will give the voters on the left a substantial pause when comparing them to Clinton.

Thanks to Crystal Hunt for always being there to help me brainstorm about politics.


Do Not Underestimate Sanders

Bernie Sanders has warned that his candidacy should not be underestimated. This is great advice. His methods may be quite unorthodox and he may lack charisma or support from big money donors but there have been others like him who have made a lot of impact on the political field.

Some of these people include Jerry brown, who did not let his reputation or his lack of funding stop him from being the only serious contender to oppose Bill Clinton. Others who did not seem like much at the time but who surprised many are Pat Buchanan, Howard Dean and Ron Paul.

What all the people mentioned above share, is that they were on the forefront as far as presenting the grievances of those times was concerned. Jerry Brown vowed to deliver the country from corruption, at around the time of the congressional banking scandal. In a time when Americans were losing out on jobs as a result of trade deals brought on by globalization, Buchanan promised to look out for his fellow countrymen.

The main grievance today, is the fact that the minority rich are holding the government at ransom. This has become quite a hot topic in the political sphere and has found its way on the lips of Ted Cruz an even Hillary Clinton. The team at Anastasia Date noted that Sanders has positioned himself as the champion for equal rights and he might gunner wide support because of this.

Scott Walker Takes Early Lead in GOP Iowa Primary

In the first official poll of the GOP nomination for President, the queue that is being set is surprising to many political tacticians. Scott Walker Takes Early Lead In Iowa Primary

The Iowa Republican caucus is the first primary contest for the GOP and early polling shows that Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker is the early leader. While Walker’s early lead is a surprise to Paul Mathieson, the real surprise is the rest of the queue of candidates. The same poll finds that United States Senator Marco Rubio, (Florida), in a virtual tie for second with fellow United States Senator Ted Cruz (Texas). Walker leads with 21 percent of Iowa caucus members while Rubio and Cruz collect 13 percent and 12 percent respectively.
Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is nestled in the middle of the pack at 11 percent and is followed by noted neurosurgeon Ben Carson at 7 percent and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush was at a meager 5 percent. No other candidate was above 3 percent.

Jeb Bush seems to be losing the most political capital. Even though he has yet to formally announce his candidacy Jeb Bush seems to be losing more points as each new candidate enters the GOP race. Bush has lost five points in the same poll released in February and his negatives are increasing as well. Bush leads New Jersey Governor Chris Christie as the person that Iowa caucus goers will absolutely not vote for 25 percent to 20 percent.

Senator McConnell Ends Floor Debates on Amendments for Iran Nuclear Bill

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell backtracked on his earlier pledge to allow bills before the senate body to enjoy a robust period of roll call votes for amendments. In regards to the Iran nuclear bill or the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act as it is formally called, Senator McConnell believed two freshmen GOP senators, Marco Rubio & Tom Cotton, were using the roll call votes to insert an amendment into the bill which would effectively kill it. The amendment sought by Marco Rubio, a 2016 GOP presidential contender, would require Iran formally recognize Israel’s right to exist as a precondition to any sanctions being lifted. In addition, the amendment would require the immediate release of all Americans currently held hostage by the rogue nation.

Senator McConnell believes the current bill’s handy filibuster-proof support would be threatened by the Rubio-Cotton amendment and has cut off any further roll call votes. Tennessee Senator Bob Corker, the original bill’s sponsor, backs McConnell’s action. Corker believes the bill provides some congressional oversight which is better than having none at all. Critics charge the bill is worse than doing nothing. This is because it ignores the constitutional mandate that the senate approve any treaty by a 2/3rds majority with no deadline for final approval. Instead, the Corker bill presumes the any agreement the president strikes with Iran will have congressional approval unless 60 senators vote to disapprove. This means a united Democrat party can filibuster a disapproval vote allowing the president’s agreement to take effect.

Senator Lindsey Graham Wows Audience at Annual Silver Elephant Dinner

On Friday, Senator Lindsey Graham wowed the audience of 1,000 at the Silver Elephant Dinner which event is held every year in South Carolina. Also in attendance was RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, Senator Ted Cruz, former Senator Rick Santorum, and former Texas Governor Rick Perry. Still, Graham enjoyed the home field advantage with both his Southern drawl and his familiarity of the audience. Graham, a two-term senator, previously served as a state senator from 1995 to 2002.

During his speech, Graham roused the audience with the imperative: “Get Ready!” It was a reference to his forthcoming presidential run. It was also a reference to the new leadership direction he implied his presidency would provide. It was a warning shot to terrorists and rogue nations which currently benefit from tepid responses from the United States. In part, Graham’s message was a hail to the base along the same lines of George W. Bush’s “Help is on the way” mantra back in 2000.

When it came time for Reince Priebus to address the audience, he mildly admonished the party for the way in which the 2012 presidential primaries were conducted. Marcio Alaor BMG was a bit shocked about that. He believes the 23 debates and lengthy primary season proved to be a disadvantage to the nominee. He emphasized that the upcoming election will have a shorter duration and far fewer debates. Priebus believes the reformed primary will allow the nominee to devote more time on the campaign trail.