Duda Melzer is the Enterprising Leader of the Progressive Multi-Media Organization: Known as Grupo RBS

A leadership role was in the cards for Duda Melzer. Duda Melzer is the engaging leader of the Brazilian multi-media company referred to as Grupo RBS. Duda Melzer is the name most commonly given to Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer. Eduardo prefers his “nickname” Duda Melzer. However, some vendors are familiar with Duda Melzer by his formal name of Eduardo. Regardless, Duda Melzer has enjoyed a progressive and outstanding pattern of growth and responsibility, as it pertains to his career. Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is currently the CEO and President of Grupo RBS.

The company is a media conglomerate in Brazil. It was founded on the date of August 31, 1957 by Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho. It is considred one of the country’s foremost communication groups. It is affiliated with that of Rede Globo. The group is comprised of radio and television stations. It also provides its audience with news publications; and news portals—located online. It delivers much in the way of entertainment news; and journalistic content. The company employs well over six-thousand employees. The company, Grupo RBS, is the second largest employer, in the country, as it pertains to the number of journalistic staff members.

Neddless to say: Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is leader of a well-regarded multi-media group. The Grupo RBS’ news platforms consist of the following forms of media:

  • Eighteen TV statons affiliated with RBS-TV;
  • Two Broadcasting Stations, (TVCOM, Florianopolis; OCTO OC Porto Alegre);
  • Twentyfour Radio Stations, and
  • Eight Newspapers.

Additionally, the progressive organization operates e.Bricks Digital. The company is comprised of technological enterprises.

Grupo RBS has other media branches, too, inclusive of subjects relative to:

  • Executive Education;
  • Digital Product Development;
  • Book Publishing,
  • A Record Company,
  • A Logistics Operation, and
  • A Social Trust Unit.

Definably, Duda Melzer oversees a great deal. He provides leadership to an organization comprised of, much, in the way of multi-media. All of these expressive areas of communication are welcome, within the market, he so dedicatedly serves.

Mr. Melzer has a good understanding of business. He was trained at Harvard. He served in varying leadership roles; within the United States and inside of Brazil.

He “brings to the table:” talent, determination and foresight. He is a welcome President and CEO, at the organization, he provides leadership. He provides the company with the favorable and fundamental characteristic of: integrity–an essential characteristic that is always well-received.


Various Products offered by Wen by Chaz Dean

The Winter Vanilla Mint replenishing treatment mist is going to add an inviting smell to your hair. If you don’t want people just wondering up to you and casually taking a whiff, you might want to find another fragrance then because strangers will love the smell of this stuff. Wen hair by Chaz created this product by combining vanilla cocoa and mint with a number of botanicals as well as extracts to this treatment product. It will be used to revive your hair and will help to restore it back to its beautiful looks once more. It will be used as a leave in conditioner to help add volume to your hair and body if you are lacking these.

The Pomegranate nourishing mousse is just one of the products that you might want to try if you like a more subtle smell. It will add volume and shine to all different hair types and allows you to use a product that is not going to damage your hair when you use it for long periods of time. If you apply it to your hair and then allow it to dry naturally, without the heat of a blow dryer that is, then you will see that it will still allow your hair to not frizz. It will still allow for nourishment to be added into your hair strands without creating a buildup of unnecessary ingredients. It will leave your hair feeling healthy and smelling good all at once. The products are Sephora available and can also be ordered online thru http://www.ebay.com/bhp/wen-hair-care.

If you have kids and want to purchase items for them to use, the Wen Kids Watermelon conditioner is one to give a try. It will allow your children to have a healthy habit that still keeps their hair smelling good. We all purchase items that are great smelling for our kids to use so when they are in school, they smell clean while many times, we know how hard it is to get them into a bath or shower, but this will make them smell clean no matter what their showering pattern is. It is menthol free and contains a rice protein that makes their hair healthy. There is no wheat and no soy in the conditioner. It can be used for kids who have a large amount of allergies. This is a great choice for people who like things more natural and want to start their kids on the same path in life.

For more hair care tips, follow Wen on Twitter.

View the Wen company profile on crunchbase.com.

The Sky Is Not The Limit For One Anthony Petrello

Anthony Petrello is among the most reputable and successful business men in the vast land of America. He was lucky enough to graduate from one of the most prestigious Universities in the world, Harvard University earning a J.D Degree. To him, education was the key to success and he didn’t stop after graduating from Harvard. He joined Yale University where he managed to graduate with a Masters in Mathematics. Currently, he is the president, chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries.

Nabors Industries is a multi-billion oil and gas exploration company founded in 1968. He has been working in this company for more than twenty years taking one step at a time in every position he was assigned. In 1991, Nabors was the chief operating officer of Nabors Industries, a position he executed perfectly for a year. Later, he was promoted to the president of Nabors Industries and nearly two decades later, he was appointed the deputy chairman after his achievements while working with the firm. As we all know, before an individual can be said to be successful he/she must come first from somewhere.

Career Journey
Anthony’s, also known as Tony, career journey begun when he started working with Becky & Mackenzie’s law firm where he was a managing partner. While working with the law firm, Tony was able to build a network of affiliate organizations something he does till now as the CEO of Nabors Industries. He has also worked in Insenberg as a chief operating officer after leaving the law firm. Anthony Petrello joined Nabors Industries after resigning from Eugene Iseberg a firm he has worked half his life. His well-established work experience and education background have been responsible for shaping a leader who now leads Nabors Industries. In the geothermal industries, Tony is one of the best-paid individuals and the most respected individual. Apart from being a CEO of Nabors Industries, he has a life outside his work.

Anthony’s contributions to the Society
Ever since he was in college, Petrello has always been hard working and ambitious believing that being lucky is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted. He also had a sense of humor as he used to make fun of his background and his fellow people. Apart from being among the successful individuals in the world, Anthony is a dedicated philanthropist as he engages in helping the less fortunate. He makes generous donations to various institutions that help the less fortunate such as Texas Children Hospital and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute. He gives donations with the aim of helping those who require special treatment but lack the funds.

Through his skills and experience, Antony has been able to manage a lot of success in his career journey and is determined to make Nabors Industries better than he found. His compassion for the less fortunate is a virtue that makes him human.

Learn more about Tony Petrello at http://blogs.marketwatch.com/thetell/2014/05/27/why-nabors-ceo-wont-top-best-paid-bosses-list-again-in-2014/

AIG Claim Remains Unpaid As Bruce Levenson Begins Court Case

It is a commonly held belief that insurance companies can often make life difficult for those who are making claims against an existing policy, but we rarely think of the most successful business people in the world being forced into making legal claims against one of the world’s best known insurance giants. According to Time Magazine, this is exactly the case for former Atlanta Hawks owner Bruce Levenson as he and his fellow consortium members in the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC company as they continue to fight for the financial compensation they feel is due to them following the mutual termination of the contract of General Manager Danny Ferry.


After more than a year of unanswered communications from Levenson’s group to AIG attorney’s for the consortium have finally brought a legal case to the Superior Court of Fulton County in a bid to end what they see as an unacceptable standoff. Although few details of the financial settlement being sought by the group have been made public it is known the case revolves around the mutual termination of the contract of Danny Ferry in the days leading up to the announcement of the sale of the Hawks franchise to billionaire Tony Ressler. Following the $730 million purchase of the franchise by Ressler the front office of the team was altered to include a number of former administrative staff from the San Antonio Spurs.

Bruce Levenson has made a success of his business career through the establishment of UCG, which began life in a spare room as a single oil industry newsletter before becoming a wide ranging real time information supplier to various industries. In his philanthropic work Levenson has been taking a major interest in global events and joined other prominent U.S. based business leaders of the Jewish faith to call on Israeli officials to take diplomatic steps in a bid to achieve peace in the Middle East. View Levenson’s bio on Wikipedia.


Fabletics Reversing the Sales Strategies to Compete in Amazon

Doing well in the fashion industry, and especially on Amazon is a dream come true for every brand. Fabletics is doing very well on Amazon and has succeeded to build a $250 million business in a span of three years. This company uses distinctive tips to get the customers and to maintain them. Most people like brands that have a future and requires a little more effort from them. This mixed with membership as well as convenience are the strong tools that Fabletics uses to get more subscribers.


In the past, expensive items were perceived to be of good quality. Nevertheless, with the current shifts in economic, this is no longer an adequate tactic to use to remain competitive in the market. Nowadays, some of the tools that define the quality of products are customer experience, gamification elements, last-mile service, exclusive design, and brand recognition.


Besides the online sales, Fabletics is planning to open more physical stores in additional to the current operating stores in Hawaii, Florida, California, and Illinois. According to Fabletics’ General Manager, Gregg Throgmartin, the major secret behind their success is their ability to create a reimagined and modern description of high-quality brands from the word go. Their membership model allows the firm to offer personalized services and trendy pieces at an affordable fee. Fabletics know what people want, and this makes the clients happy with their offers.


Techniques employed by Fabletics to attain success in the fashion world

  1. Reverse Showrooming

Most businesses do not succeed in Showrooming. Prospective clients browse offline and then acquire the items elsewhere at a lower price. Fabletics has reversed the Showrooming, and this has brought a positive effect to the brand. It is among the few firms that have managed to turn browsing into something positive. The current strategy applied by Fabletics makes them reliable to the market and establish relationships through events. 30-50 percent of the people who walk into Fabletics are already members. 25 percent of the people who walk into their store will become members. Whether a client shops online or offline, he/she will receive the amazing offers and the excellent customer service.


  1. Using available data to stock retail shops

Displaying the right products in the physical as well as online stores is requisite so as to maintain the client’s brand journey. Fabletics uses online data to stock the physical stores. This ensures that the physical stores have products that appeal to the people in that locality. Stores are stocked according to the social media sentiment, membership preference for local members, real-time sales activity, and store heat-mapping data. According to the SVP Operations for Fabletics, Dustin Netral, the brand is built by combining the global fashion trends and the customer’s preference data to improve satisfaction.


  1. Growth is achieved by focusing on people, accessibility, and culture

As the company progress to new markets and new competitors, new challenges pose in the way. Nevertheless, the company moves beyond all the challenges and managed to record a growth rate of 35 percent in one year. The firm believes that growth is an outcome for having great products at a good price.

Fabletics can be nominated as one of the fast growing companies that understand the needs of the modern consumer. They have fast distribution services, great membership programs, and smart purchase options.

Mikhail Blagosklonny’s Research shows that Aging and Cancer can be treated

Cancer is an incurable disease and thus one of the deadliest diseases human beings have ever known. Cancer has become a challenging phenomenon for people in the field of research and medicine. It is no wonder that top scientists like Mikhail Blagosklonny have played a huge role in coming up with cancer therapies and treatment. Nature said that Mikhail Blagosklonny has also been famous for his advancements in the treatment of aging.

According to Research Gate, Mikhail Blagosklonny is a professor and doctor who attended First Pavlov State University at St. Petersburg. The institution is a well-established medical school in Russia that has been in operation for more than 100 years.

He has spent a significant portion of his life in the field of research and medicine. His research in cardiology and experimentation in medicine saw him obtain a Ph.D. Mikhail Blagosklonny is currently an oncology professor at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. After his studies, he went ahead and taught at the New York Medical College.

Mikhail Blagosklonny held his first significant position at the Ordway Research Institute where he was a senior scientist. He was finally able to move to Roswell Park Cancer Institute where he studied the relationship between cancer and aging diseases. Most of his work is seen through his study of drugs and testing theoretical assumptions.

Mikhail Blagoklonny research has seen him become popularly known for playing a huge role in TOR aging and signaling. He suggested the use of Rapamycin to treat aging. The drug is used in organ transplants or for experimental cancer treatment. There is still a big debate on using the drug to treat aging.

Mikhail Blagosklonny has become a world-renowned specialist in the field of oncology. He has focused his skills on looking for treatment of aging and cancer on the long-term effect. His research deals with finding a cure that can exterminate infected cancer cells and leave the healthier cells. He has strived to understand how anti-aging cells function.

He has come up with several theories that deal with the relationship that exists between cancer treatment and aging. Mikhail Blagosklonny continues with his research and publishes new findings in different magazines and journals.


The Shampoo From Wen By Chaz

The shampoo from WEN by Chaz has been quite helpful for women with shedding or thinning hair as they often do not know what to do. They see their hair shed all over their clothes, and they do not have a way to stop it. They will stop brushing their hair, and they will not style their hair as it sheds too much. This article explains how Wen by Chaz is helping every woman with shedding hair ensure her hair is healthy.

#1: Why Does Hair Shed?

Hair sheds because it is unhealthy, and Wen by Chaz replaces all the minerals and vitamins that are needed to treat hair. Every hair strand and follicle is treated with the conditioner in the shampoo, and it will help hair stay strong. Stronger hair will not fall out as easily, and it may be brushed or styled easily. There are quite a few women who will see their hair grow stronger for the first time, and they will notice it feels heavier.

#2: Cleaning Hair Often

Using Wen by Chaz Dean, http://chazdean.com/, often helps women force nutrients back into their hair. They have likely been missing any sort of treatment for their hair, and they need to wash often to ensure their hair is getting healthier. A woman who washes every day will start to feel her hair growing thicker under the surface.

#3: The Conditioner Is In The Shampoo

The conditioner is held in the shampoo bottle, and every woman who is using the shampoo is conditioning without using another step. Ladies need not purchase a secondary bottle of conditioner, and they will have all the benefits.

Women may use very small amounts of Wen by Chaz to wash their hair, and they will notice a difference in their hair. It is easier to style, brush and wear every day.

More product information available on wen.com website and Facebook page.


After Left Faces Defeat George Soros Refuses To Back Down

Why A Billionaire Supports The Left
George Soros is arguably the most successful hedge fund manager in America. Thanks to his business acumen and sound investments Soros has managed to produce a fortune worth more than $25 billion dollars. Although many in his income bracket are typically conservatives, Soros is a strong supporter of progressive causes. He believes liberal causes are the best way to create open societies, which is his most significant cause.

The Hope For 2016
As a longtime friend of Hillary Clinton George Soros was excited to see her run again in 2016. Soros has stated he finds Obama’s presidency on nytimes.com unsatisfactory and regretted not giving Hillary Clinto enough support. As soon as she won the Democrat nomination, Soros donated $8 million to super PACs promoting Hillary Clinton. Others joined in and eventually Hillary Clinton’s campaign had so much money and so many endorsements it seemed almost impossible for her to lose to Donald Trump. Nonetheless, Donald Trump managed to eek out a victory in the electoral college despite losing the popular vote.

A Shocking Political Upset
Donald Trump’s victory certainly surprised the vast majority of expectations. He was behind in polls and received some of the worst favorability ratings of any presidential candidate. Despite this he managed to receive votes in just the right states to receive the acceptable number of electoral votes on project-syndicate.org. After seeing his shocking victory George Soros is furious. He intends to find a way to prevent Trump from carrying out the agenda he has planned. Specifically, Trump has said he will use his first 100 days in office to repeal Obama’s healthcare laws, build a wall, and reverse the progress of the Left.

The Left’s Plan For Action
George Soros is currently seeking to form an alliance between top Democrats and progressive donors to stand up to Trump. Specifically, he sought out the help of the Democracy Alliance to determine what course of plans are possible for 2017. At this moment there simply isn’t much Democrats can do. Republicans will have control over all 3 branches of the federal government and control over the majority of state governments on Time.com. The hope for Democrats lies in preparing for up and coming elections where Democrats may have a chance to win back some seats in Congress. George Soros understands that Trump is one of the most unpopular presidential candidates in American history and plans on finding a way to use that to the Left’s advantage.

Two Billionaire’s Butt Heads
Over the course of the campaign Soros made no secret of his contempt for the GOP nominee at http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/1997/02/the-capitalist-threat/376773/. He has compared him to fascists and believes he will take America in a dark direction. At one point Soros even claimed that Trump was, essentially, doing the dirty work of ISIS with his divisive rhetoric. Trump and his supporters have also fired back with accusations against Soros including many claims the Soros intends on undermining the American political process for his personal gain.

Natural Ways To Heal Damaged Hair

Women worldwide spend hundreds of millions of dollars on hair care products each year in an effort to keep their hair looking healthy and shiny. Despite the availability of high quality hair products, however, there are many bad habits that women are guilty of that can be doing major damage to their hair.

Damaged hair can be caused by a wide array of bad beauty habits and unhealthy lifestyle choices. Some common causes of damaged hair are overexposure to heat, dehydration, overexposure to damaging chemicals in hair products and breakage caused by friction.

Thankfully, there are some easy ways to heal dry, damaged hair that won’t break your bank and will restore your hair to its natural beauty in no time.

  1. Avoid Damaging Chemicals Found in Hair Products

Many hair products use synthetic fragrances that can dry out the scalp, as well as harsh detergents like sodium lauryl sulfate that strip hair of its natural oils that keep it healthy. Try switching to an all-natural hair cleanser like WEN’s Cleansing Conditioner.

Wen‘s Cleansing Conditioner both cleanses and deeply conditions hair while undoing years of damage caused by exposure to harsh chemicals. Using only natural moisturizers and botanical extracts, this product will heal even the driest and most damaged hair.

  1. Do A Coconut Oil Mask

Coconut oil is a miracle beauty product thanks to its deeply hydrating properties. By coating hair in coconut oil for 10 minutes once a week, your hair will be nourished and will stay shiny and luscious between each application.

  1. Stop Towel-Drying

As it turns out, simply drying your hair with a towel after washing it can do major damage. The harsh texture of your towel causes unwanted friction against your delicate hair follicles, leading to breakage and frizz.

Instead, dry your wet hair with a t-shirt or a micro-fiber towel. These materials are gentle and will not break your fragile strands.

If you follow these three easy and inexpensive steps, dry and damaged hair will quickly become a thing of the past. Visit the brand’s crunchbase page to learn more.

For more info, visit wen’s website and Twitter account.


Geoffrey Cone Gives Advice on New Zealand

Giving advice is a major part of Geoffrey Cone’s job. He is an attorney and it is his job to be able to give advice to people who are considering making a move to a different country. He wants to make sure that people know what they are doing when it comes to making a move to a different country.


While Geoffrey Cone has given a lot of advice to the people who he works with, he has also been able to give advice to other people including himself. He took his own advice and moved to a different country. Since he is a global attorney and sees a lot of people who do that with great success, he decided that it would be the right choice for him to make when it came to making sure that he was doing the right thing for his income and for his lifestyle.


Cone is originally from New Zealand. This is what he still considers to be his home and he enjoys the country still. He does not live there, though, because of the taxes. Many people are surprised to hear that is why he left because most think that New Zealand does not require its citizens to pay taxes. This is not the case and all citizens of New Zealand are subject to taxes that are around the same amount as that of what people in other fully developed countries are expected to pay on the income that they make.


What likely has people confused about the taxes in New Zealand is the fact that the country is one that is tax transparent. This means that people are able to see what the taxes are like in the country and they are able to understand what they will be paying for taxes before they move to the country. Anyone who is able to read English is able to see the tax report that is published by New Zealand. This is something that people need to consider when they are making a move to the country or even considering moving to a different country.


Even though New Zealand is not a tax haven and does require its citizens to pay taxes, people can find countries that do not require them to pay taxes. These are tax havens and they have very low taxes or no taxes at all. People who move to these countries are often people who make a lot of money and people who are unable to save the money that they want because of the taxes in other countries. They are the ones who benefit most from the tax havens and the tax free lifestyle that these countries offer to them.