Andy Wirth, Shrewd Businessman and Overcomer


Andy Wirth is the President and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holding, with which Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows in Olympic Valley, California are auxiliaries. Squaw Valley is a mountain resort. He started his career in 1986 as an intern with Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation. He went on to work there for two more decades working in numerous marketing positions for ownership groups. During this time, Wirth also served as a firefighter and board member of the North Routt Fire Protection District. He assised with Steamboat’s send-off for the U.S. Winter Olympic teams to Vancouver in 2010 and was involved in two other send-offs in 2002 and 2006. Wirth took over as CEO for Squaw Valley in 2010. He is the winner of numerous community service awards, including of a space on HSMAI (Hospitality Sales and Market Association International) Top 25 Minds in Hospitality and Travel Sales.

In 2013, Wirth survived a skydiving accident. The conditions that day left him with very little choice but to land in a vineyard, which is not a desirable condition for a skydiver. After a pole holding up the vineyard took off his arm, Wirth was left bleeding in the position that he was in for 15 minutes. He says that during that time, Pearl Jam’s “Just Breathe” started playing in his mind and kept him going during that time. After these 15 minutes, he was transferred to a hospital by helicopter. 

Wirth ended up spending three months in the hospital and afterward, struggle to re-establish his identity. However, he never gave up on himself. He was back to running within months and befriended several Navy Seal cadets, who he says always pulled him out of his excuses not to run, despite that he had to wear a brace on his arm. 

Wirth is a leader and role model not only in business but also as an example that overcoming and healing are possible even after the most difficult of traumas. Most importantly, he is not one to give up and pursues his goals until they are met. 

Investing in Brazil is a Great Opportunity


There are many areas of the world that are growing faster than the rest of the world. Brazil is one of these countries, and many people expect that over the next couple of years Brazil will be one of the biggest players on the world stage. With a population of over 100 million people and a work force that in continuously becoming more educated, only time will tell how far and fast Brazil can grow. This is already one of the most premier countries in all of South America. For investors around the world, this presents a good opportunity to invest in the country. There are many people who have returned a large profit by investing in this nation. Here are some things that make it attractive to invest in.

GDP Growth

The GDP is the value of all goods and services that are produced in one country throughout the year. Fast growing nations like Brazil are seeing their GDP grow faster than the rest of the world. With a large population that is becoming more modern and middle class, many people expect that the economy of Brazil is going to continue to grow at a fast rate. In fact, many people believe that the GDP of Brazil will start to pass those of some European nations.


Another great aspect of Brazil that makes it attractive to invest in is its leadership at the top. People like Zeca Oliveira do not hold a political office in the country but still have a wide range of influence. Zeca Oliveira has helped to invest in the infrastructure of Brazil and make it in to the growing world power that it is today. Brazil has a variety of people like Zeca Oliveira that are willing to fight for the nation as it grows its influence on the world stage.

Final Thoughts

There are many opportunities to invest in Brazil for those that are looking to make a long term return on investment. As one of the fastest growing countries in the world economically, Brazil looks to see its influence grow on the world stage over the next couple of years. Not only that, but Brazil and its population are becoming more educated each year. This will mean that higher paying labor positions will start to pop up all over the country and make its people more wealthy.

Dan Newlin: One of Orlando’s Finest Personal Injury Attorneys

As a personal injury lawyer, Dan Newlin and his associates are very dedicated to advocating for their clients and getting them as much compensation as possible for their pain, suffering and medical concerns. Mr. Newlin is an experienced personal injury attorney in the Orlando area and has many high-powered associates working with him in his firm.

Mr. Newlin has had an illustrious history with recovering monetary damages for his clients, with well over $150 million being procured for his clients. Upon his graduation in 2000, he began his law firm with just a small corner office and one secretary to a stylized boutique law firm that not only serves all of Florida but also the entire state of Illinois as well. Newlin and his associates focus on personal injury cases, auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, construction cases, wrongful, medical negligence, and they recently added some criminal defense cases to their resume as well.

Dan Newlin and his associates realize that often the best personal injury lawyers are individuals who have had prior experience in a different career. Besides having people with years of experience in the field of personal injury law, Newlin also has lawyers who were in a variety of field, including one individual who used to be a board-certified surgeon prior to his personal injury career. Mr. Newlin himself worked in law enforcement prior to advocating for his personal injury needs of his clients. He started as an ordinary patrol officer and was quickly promoted to the rank of detective. He won many awards during his career for going above and beyond the call for bravery and service. Newlin takes the same amount of courage and dedication and applies to his task of advocating for his clients in the Orlando area.

If you have been hurt in a car accident, motorcycle accident, construction mishap, or a number of other incidents, you are strongly encouraged to get the best representation possible. Newlin and his team are the experienced advocates that will fight for every dollar that you are entitled to. Call them today for your free consultation.

Bush Goes After Clinton and NYC Mayor de Blasio in a Bid to Own Education & National Security Issues

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, the presumptive GOP front-runner, is quickly turning his sites on the national campaign as he sharpens up his attacks on Hillary Clinton. By extension, Bush’s attacks were also directed at New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio over his lack of support of charter schools. The issue with charter schools is they receive public funding, but are privately run. In other words, they do not employ faculty from the teacher’s union, the largest labor union in the nation and staunch ally of the Democrat Party. As such, it makes sense as to why Mayor de Blasio, a Democrat, would refuse to enact a policy that would benefit charter schools.

That said, Mayor de Blasio’s position was too partisan as he refused to allow some charter schools to use property that was not in use and which would be provided to the schools rent-free. Eventually, public opinion turned on the mayor forcing him to relent. It is believed that Bill Clinton was advising de Blasio on the matter. Bush used this issue to conclude that de Blasio, and by extension Hillary Clinton, support education policies that benefit the teacher’s union over the needs of low-income students. He also pointed out that he operated a successful program to provide state funds to charter school programs which benefited minorities. According to Shaygan Kheradpir, Bush intends to make a strong case that his education policy is centered on children as opposed to supporting what he will cast as an exigent union and a failing public school system.

Jeb Bush disagrees with the Pope on climate change

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush may be one of the front runners for the GOP Presidential nomination, but he has now gone on record as stating he disagrees with Pope Francis on climate change. Newsweek reports the Vatican will release its own report on climate change on Thursday, which has already been leaked to an Italian newspaper and carries the statement that the Catholic Church is now of the opinion that the climate of the planet is changing and humans are to blame.

Jeb Bush and a number of other leading candidates on the Republican side are Catholic’s and were expected to be challenged by the findings of the Church into climate change. Instead, Bush and his fellow GOP candidates are continuing to report their disbelief that humans can be to blame for the changing climate. According to banker Marcio Alaor BMG, Bush does go so far as to state he believes the climate of the planet is changing, but does not know the reasons why it is. The Democratic party is expected to nominate Hilary Clinton, who is now being challenged most strongly by the Bernie Sanders campaign. Both Clinton and the majority of the Democrats believe human interference has caused the majority of climate change problems, a stance the Republicans have yet to accept.

Child Rearing: How Far Will The Government Go?

If we stepped back to the 1960s or 1970s, the term latch-key child was quite common. Parents had to work just to feed their family, and often children from 9 on up were responsible enough that they could come home and manage until one of their parents arrived home. In many cases, the child wasn’t allowed to go in the home, but had to play outside for the 1-2 hours it may take the parent.

No one was ever arrested. This was common in that age.

Just recently, parents in Florida have been charged with child neglect. They were not at home and their 11 year old son came home to a locked door. Instead of whining, the boy did what he had been taught…he shot some hoops with his basketball, but a neighbor decided to call the authorities.

The child was honest and explained that he did not know where his parents were. When they came home after the child was out for 90 minutes, they were charged with neglect claiming the boy had no access to running water, food or a restroom. The parents pointed out that the shed had 2 sinks with running water, and the child had eaten his snack earlier. Also, the child told the parents that the officer left him in the car while he went and relieved himself in the backyard. It seems that restroom was good for the officer laughed Zeca Oliveira of

How far will the government go?

Michigan Governor Signs Bill Banning Adoption by Same-Sex Couples

In an era where more and more rights are being afforded to same-sex couples, the state of Michigan made a move that could be compared to sending the state back to the stone age. Governor Rick Snyder signed legislation that some adoption agencies to deny adoption services to same-sex couples.

The bill allows for faith-based agencies to deny same-sex couples the ability to adopt children on religious grounds Alexei Beltyukov told me. Google + users noted the law does not necessarily target same sex couples, but is reportedly part of a “religious freedom act.” Several other states have already enacted “religious freedom” legislation.

The majority of Michigan’s adoption firms are Christian-based, and civil rights groups fear that the move may allow for agencies to deny adoptions to people who have different religious backgrounds.

The bill does not come into affect for 90 days, but the American Civil Liberties Union is already planning to take action.

The Poignant Reason Why the “Long Survivor” Stood Behind Rick Perry During His Presidential Campaign Announcement

When most people hear the title “Lone Survivor”, they think of the American war film of the same name starring Mark Wahlberg. The film was a financial success grossing over $140 million on a budget of $40 million. What many may not know is that when former Texas Governor Rick Perry announced his 2016 presidential campaign, former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell, the real-life “Lone Survivor”, was standing behind the governor. Now, it turns out that Perry has a bona fide military record. He is also pro-defense. As such, it should not come as a surprise that military personnel and their families support Perry’s campaign.

However, Luttrell’s reason for endorsing Perry goes far beyond the governor’s stand on the issues. It’s quite personal. Life hasn’t been easy for Luttrell in the years that he alone emerged from an ill-fated Navy SEAL operation to kill Taliban leader Ahmad Shah. Despite all odds, Luttrell survived, but the loss of his fellow soldiers took an emotional toll on him. In fact, Luttrell actually arrived at the governor’s residence and ended up living in his house. Over the time, the two formed a father-son bond. Often times, the governor can be heard referring to Luttrell as his second son. Since that time, Lutrell has gotten back on his feet. He is happily married and is the proud father of two children. Gov. Perry remains a big part of his life and is godfather to his children.

Effort to Incorporate Olympic Valley Not Worth It

Ben van der Meer of the Sacramento Business Journal recently reported on the ongoing effort to incorporate the Olympic Valley area of Lake Tahoe into a city and came to the conclusion that the effort would be unsustainable and be bad for the residents of the Olympic Valley as well as the Lake Tahoe Community as a whole. 

The first issue is the size of the Olympic Valley. Many of the people that live in the Valley are not full time residents since many own vacation homes in the area. This means that the tax base to sustain the entire valley would be roughly 1,000 residents and that is not nearly enough tax revenue to fund the sort of projects that the campaign to incorporate Olympic Valley is looking for.

Moving forward with the city hood would essentially create a giant debt for the residents of the area at the latest by 2018. Once that happens the budget will essentially be running in the negative due to massive shortfalls in tax revenue. This deficit spending is predicted to start around 1 million dollars per year and grow to as high as 1.8 million within a ten year period. 

A prominent land use development firm determined that it is not a good fiscal plan to move forward with the new developments. RSG or Resources System Group found that the proposed new hotels and vacation properties alongside retail properties could not be sustained without significant revenue shortfalls. The massive increase in commercial property will be a very high cost on the city and all of it’s residents while not necessarily providing adequate revenue outside of the tourist season.

For anyone not directly benefiting from the new land use plans it makes absolutely no sense to turn Olympic Valley as a single city. They should remain under the arrangement that they have now in order to save money for now and the future. The population of the valley simply cannot sustain forced growth and the entire area will become economically depressed as taxes increase and jobs and productivity decrease due to residents leaving.

Supreme Court Overturns Congressional Law on Naming Jerusalem as Birthplace

For the past five decades, US presidents have not formally accepted the holy city of Jerusalem as belonging to either Israel or Palestine. The city has deep ties to both Judaism and Islam. This has caused some consternation among Americans who were born in Jerusalem. Like anyone else, they have desired to list their birth city on their passports. The Obama administration denied those requests because no nation has been formally recognized to own the city. Congress responded by getting a statute passed which allows people born in the city to list it on their passports. The statute was challenged before the Supreme Court.

On Tuesday, the high court struck down the congressional statute by a margin of 6-3. The majority ruled that the statute infringed on the president’s right to set foreign policy as guaranteed in the Constitution. The ruling stated that by compelling the president to allow Americans to declare Jerusalem as their birthplace, congress was forcing the chief executive to contradict his own foreign policy. The conservative justices John Roberts, Antonin Scalia, and Samuel Alito disagreed. They argued that just because a person lists Jerusalem as their birthplace, the president was not legally obligated to alter his foreign policy in regards to formally recognizing the city. In short, it was their view that the entire matter was not a big deal. The case was closely followed by constitutional scholars at Skout to see how the court would rule.